"I Put a Spell on You" is a 1956 song written by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, whose recording was selected as one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. It was also ranked #313 on the Rolling Stone magazine's list of 'The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time'.

It was performed twice in the 1993 Disney fantasy comedy film, Hocus Pocus, once by a band-singer with the same lyrics and once Bette Midler sang a cover of this song, albeit with different lyrics.


I put a spell on you
And now you're mine
You can't stop the things I do
I ain't lyin'

It's been three hundred years
Right down to the day
Now the witch is back
And there's hell to pay

I put a spell on you
And now you're mine!

Hello, Salem!
My name's Winifred!
What's yours?

I put a spell on you
And now you're gone
(Gone, gone, gone, so long!)
My whammy fell on you
And it was strong
(So strong, so strong, so strong!)

Your wretched little lives
Have all been cursed
'Cause of all the witches working
I'm the worst

I put a spell on you
And now you're mine

(Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!)

If you don't believe,
You better get superstitious
Ask my sisters

Sarah: "Ooh, she's vicious!"

I put a spell on you...
I put a spell on you...

Winnie: "Ah say into pi, alpha maybe upendi!"

Party guests: (repeating) Ah say into pi, alpha maybe upendi!

Winnie: "In comma-coriyama"

Party guests: In comma-coriyama

Winnie: "Hey hi, say bye-bye-i-i-i-i-i-i-i"

"Bye, bye"


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