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"Ichabod Crane" is a song from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad short, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, sung by Bing Crosby and Chorus (The Wellingtons). It is performed during the mid opening of the film as the townsfolk of Sleepy Hollow observe Ichabod Crane arriving and passing through town.


Brom Bones: Od's bodkins!
Look at that old spook of spooks!

Townsfolk: Who's that comin' down the street?
Narrator: Are they shovels or are they feet?
Lean and lanky, skin and bone,
With clothes a scarecrow would hate to own,

Yet he has a certain air.
Townsfolk: Debonair and devil-may-care!
Woman: It's the new schoolmaster.
Tilda: What's his name?
Ichabod: Ichabod—
Ichabod Crane!

All: Ichabod! What a name!
Kind of odd, but nice just the same.
Funny pan,
Funny frame!
On Ichabod,
Ichabod Crane.

Narrator: Ichabod may be quaint,
May be odd, and maybe he ain't.
Anyway, there's no complaint
From Ichabod,
Ichabod Crane.

Though the arrival of the pedagogue gave rise to mixed emotions, the townspeople all agreed they'd never seen anyone...
Like Ichabod,
Ichabod Crane!

Who's the town's ladies' man?
Gets around like nobody can;
Has to be none other than...
Ichabod Crane!

He has feet like shovels
Walks like a crane
Nose sticks out like a weathervane
Lean and lanky and skin and bone
With clothes a scarecrow would like to own

But with the ladies
He's right there
Debonair and devil-may-care
He's no skitter-scatterbrain
Not old Ichabod Crane

Ichabod, odd old boy
Ichabod, that hobbledehoy
Who's his own best pride and joy?
Ichabod Crane

Now who's the town's ladies' man?
Who gets around like nobody can?
Well, it has to be none other than
Ichabod Crane


  • "Od's Bodkins!" and "Gadzooks!" are two very old-timey interjections, meaning literally, "God's little body!" and "God's hooks(=nails)!" respectively.
  • A "spook" here is just anything odd or unusual that may startle or frighten, as indeed Ichabod does to the horses in the song.
  • Since scarecrows were commonly made of old clothes that were no longer wearable, "clothes a scarecrow would hate to own" would be extremely worn-out and unfashionable.
  • An "air" here is "manner," a "way of conducting oneself." "Debonair" means "smooth and sophisticated"; "devil-may-care" means "confident, unworried, reckless."
  • A "schoolmaster" would generally be the head (and often the only) teacher in a community school, and would run the place generally.
  • "Ichabod" is a Biblical name meaning "No glory" or "Inglorious"; a "crane" is a tall, skinny, wading marsh bird. Thus, Ichabod's name implies that he is tall, skinny, and unimpressive.
    • Tilda's comment that "Ichabod" is "nice just the same" may be intended to hint at the townsfolks' ignorance and naïveté (and her own susceptibility in particular).
  • "Pan" is early 20th century slang for "face"; "frame" is "body-shape" or "physique."
  • A "pedagogue" is a schoolteacher.
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