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"If I Only Had a Job" is the eighteenth episode of the Disney Channel show, That's So Raven and aired on September 12, 2003. It was written by Laura Perkins-Brittain & Carla Banks Waddles and directed by Rich Correll.


After having a vision that her dad was going to get fired, Raven attempts to rescue her dad's place, but instead, gets him fired. Now, it is up to her, Chelsea and Eddie to 'bring Victor back'. But, as always, disguise is needed.


It's breakfast time at the Baxter house. Victor is on the phone with Tanya, who is out of town. He is trying to assure her not to worry and that he is maintaining order in the house. Victor says that he also allowed Cory to pick out his own clothes for school, but when Cory comes downstairs in a swimsuit and wearing a duck inner tube, Victor hangs up and makes him change. Victor also urges Raven to eat her breakfast, but Raven states she is too nervous to eat. She is excited about the callbacks for the school play, a production of The Wizard of Oz. Raven has tried out for the role of Dorothy Gale, and has even designed a costume for the role, a sparkly checkered mini-skirt. Victor tells Raven of his own pressing matters, namely the new owner of the restaurant he works at. Mr. Briggs is not nice to his employees, and is negative about every decision Victor makes. Despite this, Victor says that the restaurant has had many owners, but only one head chef during that time, so he isn't worried. Cory comes back downstairs in normal clothing, and Victor goes to drop him off before heading to the restaurant. Raven then has a vision: Mr. Briggs firing Victor.

At school, Raven tells Eddie and Chelsea about her vision. She says that she will go to the restaurant later that day to warn him. The trio arrives at Drama Club, and Chelsea worries a little about people's expectations being crushed. Eddie states that if they don't get the parts they want, it doesn't matter in the long run. But, once inside, Eddie is overjoyed to hear that he was given the role of Scarecrow for the play by the director, Señorita Rodriguez. Raven tells another girl, Kayla, that there should be no hard feelings between them regardless of who gets the part. Kayla thanks her for the sentiment, but refuses to say something nice in return. The role of Dorothy goes to Kayla, and she rubs it in Raven's face. Chelsea comforts Raven, but stops when Srta. Rodriguez chooses her to play the Wicked Witch of the West.

Later, at lunch, Raven makes her way to Augustine's. Mr. Briggs is mad at Victor for serving a "huge" artichoke, mainly because it cost more to purchase. Victor insists that the produce he picks is high quality, and that is what the customer wants. Mr. Briggs counters that he owns the restaurant, and leaves. Raven approaches Mr. Briggs as he walks around the dining room, and introduces herself. Mr. Briggs is wholly uninterested, but Raven follows him around, saying that he is lucky to have Victor as the head chef, and other restaurants are dying to have him on staff. Mr. Briggs gets annoyed, and says that he appreciates Victor's service, if only to make Raven leave. Victor sees Raven, and asks why she is there. Raven lies, and says that she wanted to tell him that she didn't get the part she wanted, but that she will be okay. Victor is pleased at her resilience, and she goes back to school.

Ultimately, Raven was given the role of the Wicked Witch of the East, and decides to "rehearse" with her friends at home after school. Eddie and Chelsea state that since the Witch of the East just lies under a house, Raven doesn't need to rehearse much. Raven tries jazzing up her role with some singing and dancing, but quickly gives up. Victor enters, and Raven wonders why he is home so early. Victor seems overly chipper and distracted, and heads to the kitchen to make dinner. Raven follows him in, and asks what happened, since everything seemed okay when she left. Victor responds that he had an argument with Mr. Briggs, mainly over the way Briggs manages the restaurant and Raven's visit. Raven correctly guesses that Victor was fired, and he reassures her that things will be okay. Raven starts to apologize, but Victor tells her not to, saying that it wasn't her fault. Raven feels guilt, since her pestering of Briggs caused her vision to come true.

Raven laments her issue to Chelsea in her room. Chelsea tries comforting Raven, but Cory comes upstairs with a tape measure. He starts measuring things in the room, saying that he will move his things into her room after Victor kicks her out for causing him to get fired. Raven pushes Cory out, saying that she will go to Augustine's the following day to ask Briggs to rehire their dad. The next day, she does just that, much to Briggs' annoyance. Raven asks Briggs to rehire Victor, saying that Briggs is probably much nicer than he acts. Briggs counters that he does not plan to rehire Victor, and flattery doesn't help anyone. At that moment, a rapper and his entourage enter, and Briggs starts kissing up to him before seating his group at a table. This gives Raven an idea.

Later that night, Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea all wear disguises and loudly announce their entrance to Augustine's. Raven is dressed as a glamorous singer, and Eddie and Chelsea are dressed as a bodyguard and assistant, respectively. Mr. Briggs asks who "the singer" is, and Raven asks "Papi" to introduce her. Eddie, scrambling to think of something, notices a waiter with a tray of food, then introduces Raven as "Liz Anya." Mr. Briggs leads the trio to a table, and "Liz" asks Briggs to have Victor prepare her usual meal. Briggs tells her that Victor is gone, and the crew spits out their water in fake shock. "Liz" shouts for her assistant to call Jennifer Lopez immediately. Chelsea calls someone on her phone and gives it to "Liz." "Liz" explains the situation, then says that J-Lo wants to speak with Briggs herself. Briggs takes the phone, and the person on the other line, Cory using a falsetto voice, demands that he rehire Victor (in front of a very confused Victor).

"Liz" continues ranting about Victor not being there, saying that the food is subpar as a result. Before she and her friends leave, the maitre'd asks if "Liz" can perform at the request of the other patrons. Briggs begs her to do so, saying he will consider rehiring Victor if she does. "Liz" agrees, and the trio move towards the piano in the dining room. Eddie whispers to Raven that he only knows how to play one song, but Raven tells him to just play it, and make it funky. Eddie reluctantly plays "When the Saints Go Marching In." "Liz" improvises, singing a song about how Augustine's food quality has declined since Victor's firing. She is joined by backup singers as well, and the patrons seem to love it. But, Eddie and Chelsea notice that Srta. Rodriguez has entered the restaurant with a date. After pointing this out to Raven mid-verse, they quickly wrap up the song with a plea for Victor to be rehired. The crowd applauds, and the trio try and make their escape out through the kitchen. But, they bump into a waiter, and fall in a heap on the floor. When they get back up, they have lost their sunglasses and their wigs are rearranged. Briggs recognizes Raven, and mocks her before sending her and her friends out through the front door. Srta. Rodriguez tells Raven that she has a lovely voice, and probably should have gotten the role of Dorothy in the play. She chooses not to give Raven the role, though.

Later, at the Baxter house, Victor is on the phone with Mr. Briggs. Victor gets the whole situation explained to him, and doesn't seem very happy. After Briggs hangs up, Victor smiles that Raven was able to make Briggs so angry. He goes on to explain that sometimes, a bad situation can lead to an opportunity. He tells a story about being cut from the football team. Since he no longer had to go to practice, he started hanging out with his mother more, and helping in the kitchen. That is when Victor discovered his love of cooking. He adds that life knocks people down sometimes, but it's only a problem if you allow life to keep you down. He says that things will be okay, and life won't keep him down for long. Raven then has a vision: Victor owns a restaurant of his own, called Baxter's Place. Raven agrees with Victor's sentiment.

Some time later at school, Raven has taken Victor's advice to heart, and talks to Srta. Rodriguez. Since Raven doesn't have any lines to learn, she decided to spend the time making new costumes. She brings out Eddie and Chelsea, dressed as a more modern and stylish Scarecrow and Wicked Witch. She even brings in Cory, dressed as a flamboyant Munchkin, as revenge for him trying to take over her room. Rodriguez gives Raven the job of costume designer.



Guest Starring

  • Rose Abdoo as Ms. Rodriguez
  • Patrick Richwood as Mr. Briggs
  • Fran de Leon as Kayla
  • James Healy, Jr. as Waiter
  • Sylvia St. James as Singer
  • Kim Foley as Singer
  • Madeline Thompson as Singer
  • Beverly Dangerfield as Singer

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