If I ruled the world

"If I Ruled the World" or simply called as "Dr. Carver's Theme", is a song in the animated film, The Proud Family Movie, sung by Dr. Carver's clone before taking over the world.


Chorus: If I ruled the world

Dr. Carver (clone): I would make sure my clones don't give any slack.

Chorus: If I ruled the world


I would treat people bad,

That's a well know fact.

Imagine that!

Now let me tell ya song about me...

Peanut genomes: Go 'head

Dr. Carver (clone): My name is Carver, y'all

Just call me Dr. C

And when my plan is in effect

I'm gon' be boss of mean.

I got the secret genes

Peanut Genomes: Yes, sir!

Dr. Carver's (clone): I got some G-gnomes too

We're going over seas,

We're gonna get rid of you.

Peanut for president

That makes us VIP's

Broadcast our nightly news,

You're cryin' on you knees.

My time the world to change,

My time for fortune and fame,

You got yourself to blame,

You all will scream my name!

Chorus: Hail to the peanut king

Hail to the peanut king

Hail to the peanut king

Bmm bmm bmm king

Peanut People: He's bad,

He's mean,

He's cool,

He stinks!

Dr. Carver (clone): Who said that?

Peanut Person: Sorry, dog...

Dr. Carver (clone): That's ok;

Take him away, take him away!


If I ruled the world

Dr. Carver (clone): I'll make ya evil just like me;

It's been this way through history.

Paybacks a muggy way to see.

Chorus: If I ruled the world

Dr. Carver (clone): I'd feed you all to my sea beast

And watch him while he has a feast,

It's peanut time to say the least.


Big Peanut Men: Domination!

Dr. Carver (clone): Warriors...

Big Peanut Men: That's us!

Dr. Carver (clone): Clone...

Big Peanut Men: Everyone!

Dr. Carver (clone): Mankind...

Big Peanut Men: You're gonna be annihilated!

Dr. Carver (clone): Take over...

Big Peanut Men: Obvious!

Dr. Carver (clone): G-Gnomes...

Big Peanut Men: March, march!

Dr. Carver (clone): Peanuts...

Big Peanut Men: Superior!

Dr. Carver (clone): And Carver's...

Big Peanut Men: Nuts!

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