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In the Bag is a Humphrey the Bear cartoon that was released on July 27, 1956. It was the last Disney short film to be distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.


After the summer visitors have finally left Brownstone Park, Ranger Woodlore sets up a plan to get the bears to help him clean up the park. He gets them cleaning and dancing to a snappy work song, but once the bears realize that it's a trick, he is forced to find another strategy.


The catchy tune featured in "In the Bag" was so popular that Disney released a version of it (with similar instrumentation and different vocals) as a single, "The Humphrey Hop". The song was sung again by Woodlore to his Brownstone Bears in the House of Mouse episode "Humphrey in the House", where they serve as the House's "clean-up crew."



  • This is the final Disney short produced in CinemaScope; from A Cowboy Needs a Horse onward, most shorts would return to being produced in the Academy ratio, albeit formatted to mask well at the widescreen aspect ratio of most theater screens.
  • In Cars 3, Mater can be heard singing the catchy tune to this short as he cleans up the junkyard.
  • A version of it is heard in The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse.



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