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The Incan Palace Guards are minor characters in Disney's 2000 animated feature film, The Emperor's New Groove. They work as guards, dancers, and servants at Kuzco's palace.


The Emperor's New Groove

A group of palace guards first appears during the musical number "Perfect World" standing outside Emperor Kuzco's palace where his kingdom is under his control. Two guards are later seen by the large doors before Kuzco begins to dance. Later, another guard appears when Kuzco blames Rudy for "throwing off his groove" so he expels him out of the palace. During the end of the song, Kuzco dances with a line of palace guards and servants until the song stops where an official tells him to choose a bride for him.

Outside Kuzco's palace, Pacha asks one of the guards to know if he could see Kuzco in which one of them tells him to follow the signs leading to Kuzco's throne. Later when Yzma is talking to a peasant, Yzma summons two guards to take him out of the throne.

During the climax of the film when Kuzco and Pacha arrive at Yzma's Secret Lab, a group of guards summoned by Yzma is seen preparing to capture Kuzco and Pacha in which the two knocks over a table of vials turning them into several animals (consisting of an ostrich, a gorilla, a lizard, an octopus, a warthog, and a cow). Yzma tells the transformed guards to attack, but one of them, who is a cow, decides to leave. Yzma then summons the guards to capture the two as Pacha uses various vials on Kuzco to escape the guards. Later when Pacha turns Kuzco into a whale and when the two lands into a canal, Yzma orders the guards to drain the canal. Upon draining, Yzma summons them to go after Kuzco and they fail to do so as they fall off Kuzco's palace. During the part where Kuzco and Pacha are attempting to retrieve the vial, another guard (in his human form) is suddenly seen asking a client that the palace did not order a giant trampoline. It is unknown what happened to them when Kuzco reforms and gets along with Pacha and the other peasants.

Kronk's New Groove

The guards only appear in one scene at the beginning of the film still outside Kuzco's palace when Kuzco is narrating the film's plot about Kronk.

The Emperor's New School

The guards appear a few times. Six of them turned into the same animals again (an ostrich, a gorilla, a lizard, an octopus, a warthog, and a cow) in Yzbot.

Disney Parks

Magic Kingdom

In Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, one of the guards gets changed into an alpaca upon drinking Yzma's potion and then battles the guests but gets defeated.

Disneyland Paris

The Guards appeared as walkaround characters at Disneyland Paris during the Disney Dreamers Everywhere! events in May 2013.


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