Inquinator is a villain obsessed with dirt.


Inquinator's real name is Percival McCandid, of noble origins; his mother had a phobia for dirt and kept the house continuously clean, also trying not to get her son dirty, so she would not allow Percival to cuddle his favorite plush bear because it was always dusty. Because of his mother's obsession, the little McCandid develops his own ideas about the dirt so he becomes the criminal Inquinator (this origin isn't told until Inquinator's second appearance).


In the Italian comic story "Paperinik vs Inquinator", he creates havoc in Duckburg with traps based on banana peels, oil spills and other kind of garbage, and even evades the Duck Avenger. Inquinator sends a note to the mayor asking for one million dollars in order to stop his antics. The money is left in a container and cops are supposed to catch Inquinator when he came after it, but actually the container is a moving machine that returns to Inquinator's hideout, while others appear to confuse the police. The Duck Avenger finds the real container and notices a black dirigible. Later, the Duck Avenger follows the dirigible to Inquinator's hideout, but is captured and finds that Inquinator plans to continue with his crimes and will cover the government house of Duckburg with indelible ink. The Duck Avenger escapes and stops Inquinator.

This story has a sequel called "Paperinik e il ritorno di Inquinator" ("Duck Avenger and the return of Inquinator") in which Inquinator manages to escape.

In this story the Duck Avenger is able to discover the true identity of Inquinator, Percival, the son of a countess obsessed with cleaning, it also turns out that he is that way because of his childhood when he could not play to not get himself dirty at home. The Duck Avenger is able to calm him convincing him to found an ecological party.

In "Ultraheroes", Inquinator is one of the villains assembled by Emil Eagle to form the Bad-7 and reunite the Ultrapods. During the story, Inquinator not only uses garbage as part of his M.O. but also has power over it. He faces Super Goof for one of the Ultrapods and loses when Super Goof throws his garbage robot to a recycling plant.



  • To design Inquinator, a bird of prey was chosen because it's a scavenger, as closely related to the carcasses of dead animals as Inquinator is closely related to garbage.
  • Although in "Paperinik e il ritorno di Inquinator" the villain reformed, in the Ultraheroes saga he is an evil polluter again.

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