Inside Donald Duck is an episode of Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color. It aired on November 5, 1961.


Ludwig Von Drake attempts to psychoanalyze Donald's problems, deciding that the cause is romance for the opposite sex. He has Donald come over to his office and hypnotizes him to get to the root of this problem. Von Drake then introduces Daisy, who plays hard to get. Donald is so distraught that he can't sleep at night. Von Drake then hypnotizes Donald again, this time by hitting him on the head with a mallet, knocking him out, in order to make him anti-marriage. When Donald comes to, he runs out of the office in terror, similar to the ending of Donald's Diary. As good therapy, Von Drake advises Donald to get a job, which he does. Later, he has Daisy over to his office to discuss her problem with Donald, using footage reused from Donald's Dilemma. In this case, however, Von Drake substitutes for the unseen psychiatrist in that cartoon. Then Von Drake analyzes Donald's brain and gets Donald to admit to having a "slight" temper, recounting an "incident" at Daisy's house. Von Drake then figures out the cause of Donald's problems, that it is his temper and he needs to cure it, and when he does, all of his problems will end and he will have a great voice. He provides Donald with an "insult machine" (also from Cured Duck) to help him. When Von Drake considers the case a success, Donald and Daisy come by to thank him for his help. All seems right with the world – until Von Drake provides Donald with his bill, amounting to over a thousand dollars. Donald loses his temper once more and demolishes Von Drake's office, while Von Drake pleads with Donald to control himself. Donald then takes Daisy by the hand and runs out the door, closing it with such a slam that the window shatters. Donald glowers through the window and calls Von Drake a "big quack". Distraught by what just happened, Von Drake hypnotizes himself by hitting himself on the head with his mallet and proceeds to psychoanalyze himself.

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