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Iridessa is one of the main characters in the Disney Fairies franchise. She is a light fairy and is the first to talk discomfort about Tinker Bell not wanting to accept her job as a tinker.


Official Description

Iridessa is a Light Fairy who always looks on the bright side of things. She likes order and following the rules. She is warm and welcoming and makes all new fairies feel at ease.


In an early interview with Raven-Symoné for the original Tinker Bell film, she noted that the role of Iridessa was given to her when she was 18. She also noted that she gave the character a very high-pitched stereotypical fairy voice when she first approached the character. The animators suggested that she simply use her normal voice, which gave the light fairy a more realistic outlook. She has the mop of hair since the talented fairy.


Iridessa is one of the most talented fairies, not only as a light fairy but a fairy overall. She is unmatched at what she does as a fairy and takes great pride in it. Being a bright and shining girl full of perk and energy, her profession as a light fairy fits her perfectly.

Iridessa is a detail-aimed perfectionist. She finds joy in things that go her way and hates it when even one thing is out of place. Iridessa constantly strives to maintain perfection and balance around Pixie Hollow, believing that her way is the best and only way to go about it.

Iridessa is very persistent and determined in achieving one of her goals. She shows amazing energy in the face of any obstacle, no matter how pain-staking for her it is. Iridessa never lets herself falter and will finally be successful in the end.

Iridessa can also be a bit of a worrywart, preferring to stay out of trouble and take a few risks to stay safe. Iridessa can automatically tell the dangers of a situation, making her very cautious about her surroundings. Her friends often mistake this a paranoia, so they do not often take her advice; even Iridessa knows what's best.

Even when Iridessa tries to see the bright side of things, she can still be somewhat worrisome towards any possible negative outcome. It can take some convincing to get her to go along with a risky plan (a stubbornness that Tink certainly has too).

Nevertheless, Iridessa can always remain optimistic, even in times of worry and peril. Even though she is usually the most cautious out of her friends, she can still shine even brighter than any fairy around to keep the peace in her circle of friendship.

In the end, she will do anything to help a friend.

Film appearances

Tinker Bell

Iridessa is first seen at Tinker Bell's arrival, along with her friends and other light-talent fairies. They quickly befriend the newcomer Tinker Bell upon her first full day in Pixie Hollow. One day, however, while getting their supply of pixie dust, Iridessa, Rosetta, Silvermist, and Fawn are greeted by an excitable Tink who tells her friends that she plans on changing her talent, so she can be able to travel to the mainland alongside them. Like the rest of her friends, Iridessa is hesitant to follow through with such an idea and is actually the last of Tink's friends to accept the idea.

After training to become a water-talent fairy ends in failure, Tink attempts to become a light fairy. Iridessa attempted to teach her how to catch the light and give upon lightning bugs. Like the water fairy training, light talent training ends in disaster. After more failed attempts with Rosetta and Fawn, Tinker Bell finds a lost music box and begins to repair it. Unbeknown to her, Iridessa and the others witnessed the event quietly and are proud to see Tinker Bell adding her talent to good use.

Later on, Pixie Hollow prepares to go off to the mainland to change the seasons, but the preparations are destroyed by a stampede of rushing thistles. The damage is so great that Queen Clarion is forced to call off the trip to the mainland. Tink adds her talent to good use once more and creates an array of inventions capable of restoring the preparations within a few hours.

In the end, Iridessa and the others go to the mainland on time, with Tink tagging along to return the music box.

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

Iridessa in Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure.

In the sequel, Iridessa is first seen at the beginning, carrying on with her real duties of changing the seasons on the mainland. Later on, she is seen with Silvermist at Fairy Tale Theater and was apparently creeped out by the story that was just told. The next day, Iridessa is taking a flight with Silvermist and Rosetta when Tinker Bell approaches them and asks for extra pixie dust. This is unknown to Iridessa and the others, but they have to deny her request as they need all the pixie dust they can use for their trips to the mainland.

Later on, Iridessa is seen making preparations for the blue harvest moon festival. At the end, she is seen with her friends, honoring Tink's successful duty to grant blue pixie dust upon Pixie Hollow.

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

In the third film, Iridessa and the other fairies attend a summer camp. When Tinker Bell is captured by a human girl named Lizzy, she joins her friends on their quest to rescue her. Vidia gets trapped in mud at one point, and while Iridessa and the others are trying to pull her out, an oncoming vehicle comes right into their patch, threatening to crush them. Iridessa uses her light to blind the driver, forcing him to stop the truck. When the driver exits the vehicle to see if anyone was around, they grab on to his loose shoelace to get themselves out of the mud. After finding and saving Tink, Iridessa and the others add their pixie dust to Lizzy in order to save Vidia, who was kidnapped by Lizzy's father and taken to London for study. After the rescue, the fairies and humans make peace and are seen together, having a picnic and reading through Lizzy's research journal on fairies.

Secret of the Wings

Iridessa in Secret of the Wings.

On an ordinary day, Iridessa is carrying on with her real duties when she heard Tinker Bell broke the fairy laws and crossed the border over to the Winter Woods and froze her wings. Due to the harsh winter climate, warm fairies are banned from crossing the border that separates the Winter Woods and the rest of Pixie Hollow. Iridessa, Rosetta, and Silvermist meet up with Tinker Bell, Fawn, and Vidia at the doctor, where Tink is said to be just fine. After they leave, Tink tells her friends how her wings sparkled and glowed when she crossed the border.

Like the others, Iridessa believes it was just the light from the sun, but Tink feels the Winter Woods was calling her. Later that night, Clank gathers Iridessa and the others, who learn that Tinker Bell crossed the border again and met her sister Periwinkle, a frost-talented fairy. Tink plans on creating a snow-making machine that will let Peri go on a tour of Pixie Hollow. Iridessa helps out, and the following day, Periwinkle is taken on a breathtaking tour. Iridessa shows Periwinkle her ability to make rainbows, which adds Peri into wonder.

However, the hot climate begins to destroy Periwinkle's wings, expelling the frost fairy to return home. Queen Clarion and Lord Milori, the ruler of the Winter Woods, state that Tink and Peri are never to see each other again. The next day, the snowmaker machine goes out of control, so Iridessa and the others evacuate the fairies and animals to the warmth of shelters. Periwinkle and the frost fairies save the Pixie Dust Tree by preserving it, thus saving Pixie Hollow and the Winter Woods. Finally, Queen Clarion and Lord Milori allow Tinker Bell and Periwinkle to see each other and allow warm fairies to cross the border.

The Pirate Fairy

Iridessa appeared in The Pirate Fairy, where she and her friends magically switched talents due to the multicolored dust that Zarina experimented with and made. Iridessa became a garden fairy.

Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast

Iridessa appears in the sixth Tinker Bell film along with the other fairies.

Printed Media

Artwork for Iridessa from Iridessa, Lost at Sea.

At the beginning of Vidia and the Fairy Crown, Iridessa talks briefly when Queen Clarion asks everyone if they have seen her crown.

Iridessa is seen briefly in Fira and the Full Moon when all the light-talents crave together. Then again, at the arrival of the triplets, Sparkle, Helios, and Glory.

In Tink, North of Never Land, Terence gives Iridessa her daily cup of fairy dust. She then showed him a light show with sparkles of every color. She is seen again at the end, having been worried about Tink and happy to see her.

In Iridessa, Lost at Sea, she is killed by an owl and then appointed by Queen Clarion to find a way to get rid of it. Tink comes and helps Iridessa with ideas. They fight about what they should do. Tink goes to find a bottle, and Iridessa goes after her. They accidentally get trapped in the bottle and thrown off the ship. They encounter several creatures along the way, including a sea turtle, the mermaids Numi and Oola, then a vibrant crab. They made a boat out of the bottle, then washed along the shore when Beck found them and helped them back to Pixie Hollow. The light-talents then helped put sunbeams in the bottle to scare away the owl. They put the bottle in this nest, expelling him to leave.

Other appearances

Pixie Hollow Games

Iridessa in Pixie Hollow Games.

In the television special, Iridessa represents the light-talent fairies and takes the position of team captain with Lumina as her team partner. During the teacup challenge, Iridessa sparks too much pixie dust on her teacup. Both Iridessa, Lumina, and the teacup fly on top of the cave, causing them to get eliminated from the competition.

Kinect: Disneyland Adventures

Iridessa makes an appearance during the Pixie Hollow mini-game.

Disney Parks

Iridessa used to meet at Disneyland's Pixie Hollow. In the spring, a topiary of Iridessa can be found in Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival. In the Spring of 2010, Iridessa and her fellow fairies were featured in Fairies Primavera at Tokyo DisneySea. She is never seen in any park and is now a retired character.


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