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Isla Tesoro (Spanish: Treasure Island) is the setting of the original Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.



Isla Tesoro a Caribbean island which had a Spanish port colony built upon it known as Puerto Dorado (Spanish: "Golden harbour" or, "The harbour of gold"), where it is presumed many of the inhabitants of the island lived. The island harboured a great treasure often nicknamed to The King's Ransom which was held within the town's treasury and was affiliated with on Marci Daviso. This treasure was however, considered to be cursed.

In the 18th century (likely in the 1710s), Isla Tesoro was under the administration of one Magistrate Carlos who for unknown reasons harboured the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow who was pursuing the island's treasure. Puerto Dorado was later assaulted by a large group of pirates of a vessel known as The Wicked Wench. The pirates came in-search of the island's legendary treasure which they were in a race with Sparrow for the treasure.

The Wench engaged with the port's seaside fortress and used their cannon-fire to practically demolish it as their crew went ashore. The crew of the Wicked Wench was responsible for numerous acts of violence and destruction. One pirate used water torture to extract information from politicians like Carlos, a pirate Auctioneer and his cronies sold off the goods of the villagers, and multiple pirates ransacked the households of Puerto Dorado. The true culmination was when the pirates lit the port aflame while in a drunken state during which time, Jack Sparrow was able to get his own hands on the treasure.

What followed regarding the island is somewhat unclear. It is known that the crew of the Wicked Wench was somehow able to confiscate the treasure of Marci Daviso from Sparrow. The Wench would make a lair within the subterranean grottos of Isla Tesoro and the nearby ruins of the fortress. During their residency here, they would all meet a sudden and violent death which left them as nothing but skeletons and ghosts, bound to the grotto for their crimes. Since then, many pirates and sailors travelled to Isla Tesoro in-search of the Wicked Wench's lost gold; Jack Sparrow being one of them who might have been successful.

It is possible that other pirates came to inhabit the island and turn what remained of it into a pirate-haven. The implication to this being Walt Disney World's Castillo Del Morro being found in the Caribbean plaza of Adventureland, an area themed around a pirate port in the Caribbean. Due to the anachronistic nature of Adventureland it is unclear if the plaza is intended to fully be on Isla Tesoro or only partly. It is known that the pirate Blackbeard's daughter Angelica Teach would come to establish a tavern/restaurant along a tropical lagoon on the island (quite possibly the exterior of Hurricane Lagoon on the isle's northern coast). Angelica would lose this tavern to Jack Sparrow in a duel and he would turn it into his own restaurant known as Captain Jack's. The Plaza del Sole Caribe market-place would also be transformed into a pirate's bazaar with connections to an organization known as the Pirates League.

Points of Interest

  • The Blue Lagoon: The Blue Lagoon was a tropical lagoon located nearby a graveyard of ships (possibly implying a connection with Hurricane's Lagoon which is briefly seen from within Dead Man's Cove). It was in relative distance of Puerto Dorado's seaside fortress and also held a restaurant owned by Angelica Teach which was later taken over by Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • Dead Man's Cove: Dead Man's Cove is a subterranean grotto which is accessible on the island from a secret entrance in a cavern on the island's east-side. It held a pirate's lair which the crew of the Wicked Wench would stash their loot in.
  • Puerto Dorado: Puerto Dorado was the island's central colony, harbouring Spanish colonists.

Dead Man's Cove locations

  • Sandbar: This sandbar within the cove had ambiguous connections to buried treasure and mermaids which left only skeletons behind.
  • Hurricane Lagoon: Hurricane Lagoon is a water-body with treacherous shores which resulted in at least one shipwreck.
  • The Pirate's Lair: This was a subterranean dwelling used by the crew of the Wicked Wench as a base of operations following their attack on the isle.
    • Crew's Quarters:
    • Captain's Quarters:
    • The Treasure Room: This is where the pirates stashed the island's stolen treasure.
  • The Ghostly Grotto: The Ghostly Grotto was a cavern opening on the island's south-east coast which connected the outside of the island to Dead Man's Cove. It is sometimes shown with having had a waterfall that passed over the opening of the cavern, disguising it from the naked eye.

Puerto Dorado locations

  • Castillo del Morro: The Castillo Del Morro or, "El Castillo" was a fortress, armoury and makeshift prison of Puerto Dorado, having been constructed in 1643. It would be largely destroyed by the Wicked Wench's cannon-fire and as a result it utilized a hidden passage to the grotto to try and evacuate civilians. It also hid the island's treasury before the pirates attacked. It was located on the western side of Puerto Dorado.
  • La Cantina and Mercado: A riverside market-place located in Puerto Dorado which was repurposed by the Auctioneer for his auctions.
  • East India Trading Company Outpost: An outpost for the East India Trading Company which was located across the river from the Cantina and Mercado.
  • La Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar: The Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar (Spanish: Plaza of the Sun Caribbean Bazaar) was a market-place found adjacent to Castillo del Morro. Following the Wicked Wench's ransacking, the shop became something of a pirate's bazaar.
  • Spanish Fortress: This unnamed Spanish Fortress was located on the island's south-east coast nearby the entrance to the Ghostly Grotto and served to protect the town from invading ships. Before it was attacked by the Wicked Wench it held many prisoners who were subject to obscene and brutal tortures and prison treatment. It was also within relative proximity of the Blue lagoon.
    • In addition to being seen in the ride, Disneyland Paris' version of the ride uses this fortress as its queue.
  • The Torre del Cielo: The Torre del Cielo (Tower of the skies) is a clock-tower built adjacent to the Castillo Del Morro.


A map of Isla Tesoro

Pirates of the Caribbean

After guests pass through Dead Man's Grotto, they come across an ambush between a pirate captain attacking a Spanish fort. Their boats continue across the raided town where they witness pirates attacking their inhabitants as well as noticing some relaxing there. While passing through, they come across a group of pirates singing the theme song "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)" just as their boats continue across the town, followed by the prison scene where the pirates are asking a Prison Dog giving them the keys to escape just as their boats ascend to their exit.

In the 2006 revamp of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, Jack Sparrow arrived on Isla Tesoro and attempted to learn the location of Puerto Dorado's treasury while being pursued by a pirate crew led by Captain Barbossa, who replaced the original captain of the Wicked Wench. In addition, some of the dialogues from the original attraction were modified to add mentions to characters from the film series.

Maps of the island could be found in the revamped attraction, most notably in Disneyland's within the sand-bar of the queue and exit of the ride. Said map contains notable factoids regarding the island with notations such as:

  • "Territorio de los Piratas- ¡Usted este' Avisado": "Pirate Territory- Be warned". Written on the island's west-coast.
  • "Here there be monsters": Written on the island's west-coast with a drawing of a sea-serpent, not unlike one seen on another Disney attraction.
  • "Beware the Kraken": Written much more recently than the other notations on the island's north-most coast.
  • "¡Cuidado! Cavernas Inexploradas": "Be Warned! Unexplored Caverns". This is written for the Ghostly Grotto's caverns.

Captain Jack's

This restaurant adjacent to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in Disneyland Paris is set along a lagoon on Isla Tesoro nearby a graveyard of ships and a fortress ruined by the Wicked Wench.

La Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar

This is the attached gift-shop of Pirates the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom.

A Pirate's Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas

Parts of this interactive Walt Disney World game take guests to locations expressly themed as being part of Isla Tesoro. This being an attraction themed around assisting Jack Sparrow in finding the treasures of Calypso, seven treasures themed around seven seas of the world.

In la Plaza del Sol, an hourglass is found on display which when turned over reveals a parchment with a symbol of a key inside. This takes guests to a chest atop an old clock where a key is activated. When this occurs, it is revealed that Jack Sparrow stashed a legendary sword within the clock. This takes guests outside of the Castillo where a flipped over rowboat is revealed to be used by smugglers. The guests go on the lite gunpowder within the boat that reveals the smugglers possessed the legendary Treasure of the Arctic, an ancient sword.

The Plaza del Sol is also shown to hold a chest decorated with human bones and a skull with the image of a lock carved into its skull. This skull informs the guests that it was one of the crew-mates of Barbossa (Captain of the Wicked Wench) only for the pirate to have betrayed them all.

Other Appearances


Kinect Disneyland Adventures

Puerto Dorado is a level in this video-game, being explored by the player and Black Barty in search of the treasure which Blackbeard hid underneath of the mayor's mansion.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned

Isla Tesoro was supposed to appear in the video game Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned; however, since that game was canceled, it is unknown if the island's appearance in the game is considered canonical to the film series or not.


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