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It Takes Two to Tangle is the third segment of the first episode from Disney and Xilam's Chip 'n' Dale: Park Life series.


Chip and Dale have always been joined at the hip but now they actually are!


Chip and Dale happily greet each other with a tail wag before adorably going about their day. They pass by arguing animals (two frogs, Pluto and Fifi, and two rabbits) who stop to admire Chip and Dale's happiness. As they leap over one another, they land in a woman's basket of yarn and end up getting their tails knitted together. They find this development exciting and have fun with their newly knitted appendages.

In the middle of the night, Dale decides to eat crumbs off the table. Chip awakens, disgusted and wipes the table before forcing him back to bed. In the morning, Chip happily goes about the day while dragging a very reluctant Dale around and using him as a tool. At night, Dale drags Chip back to the woman, who is asleep in the park, and steals her knitting needles and tires to unknot their tails with a variety of other objects.

Chip awakens to see what Dale is doing and cries while running away (or at least tries to). The animals notice this and all try to get the two of them to make up. Dale sets up a dining table for the two of them and Chip becomes happy. Inspired, the other animals have themselves knitted together. As Chip and Dale try to sit down, they realize they cannot sit opposite and decide to nibble their tails apart. The chipmunks happily dance together as the other animals begin to regret their decision.





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