Ivy Sundew is a supporting character in the 2019 television series Amphibia.



Ivy is a total tomboy. She is confident, eager and very friendly, albeit in a rough way. She enjoys relaxing and hanging out with Sprig and is willing to jump into action if given the opportunity. Like most children however, she cares very much for her mother and when things get scary, is shown to cling to her like most children do.

Physical appearance

Ivy Sundew is close in age to Sprig, but is slightly shorter and stouter than him. She is yellow with a light yellow underbelly and possess orange hair that stick out in tufts underneath her teal beanie. She wears a light blue shirt and denim dungarees to go along with them. She is barefoot with two toes, has three fingers and light violet tongue.


Sprig Plantar

Ivy had been friends with Sprig for a long time. The two are so close that they are comfortable with rough housing with one another and hanging out casually. While not confirmed until "Anne of the Year", Ivy has apparently had a crush on Sprig for a long time. This was slightly hinted at in "Croak and Punishment" where she opted to have a Blue Moon Shell, which was initially meant for her as a birthday present, stay with Sprig so that she will know when she is close to his house. It is confirmed that they are very much in love with one another.

Felicia Sundew

Ivy loves her mother, but she can be overbearing and embarrassing to her such as in "Dating Season". It is implied that Felicia expects too much out of Ivy. Nevertheless, she cares about her and is shown to hug her mother whenever something dangerous is happening.


  • Ivy seems to be the only true friend that Sprig has ever had. Though it can be argued that Maddie Flour is also a close friend.
  • While most animated shows tend to develop romantic relationships over the course of the series' run, Ivy and Sprig's relationship was made official by the end of the first season.


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