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Two friends, two worlds, one future.

Iwájú is an animated television series produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and the African entertainment company, Kugali Media, which premiered on February 28, 2024 on Disney+.


The show is based in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria. The series will explore class, innocence, and challenging the status quo.


Iwájú is a Yoruba word that loosely translates to "future". The series will be set in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria, and will deal with issues, such as inequality, innocence, and defying the current status quo.


  • Simisola Gbadamosi as Tola Martins
  • Dayo Okeniyi as Tunde Martins
  • Femi Branch as Bode de Sousa
    • Olufikayo Adeola as Young Bode
  • Siji Soetan as Kole Adesola
  • Weruche Opia as Otin
  • Toyin Oshinaike as Godspower
  • Bisola Aiyeola as Happiness
  • Sodiq Yusuff as Sunday Adelekan
  • Ireti Doyle as Mrs. Usman
  • Kehinde Bankole as Mama Kole
  • Kemi Lala Akindoju as Mama Bode
  • Francisco Polo as Ejiro
  • Shaffy Bello as Madame
  • Chioma 'Chigul' Omeruah as Chioma


No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "Iwájú" Olufikayo Adeola Olufikayo Adeola
Halima Hudson
February 28, 2024
Set in futuristic Lagos, Nigeria, this original animated series tells the exciting coming-of-age story about Tola, a young girl from the wealthy island, and her tech-savvy friend, Kole. On her tenth birthday, Tola visits the mainland for the first time and also recieves a surprising birthday gift from her father, Tunde.
2 "Bode" Olufikayo Adeola Olufikayo Adeola
Halima Hudson
February 28, 2024
From his high tech lair, villainous Bode sets his sights on Tola as his next kidnapping victim and mysteriously seeks Tola's friend, Kole. Meanwhile, Tola and Kole learn more about each other's lives and perspectives.
3 "Kole" Olufikayo Adeola Olufikayo Adeola
Halima Hudson
February 28, 2024
Against her father's wishes, Tola goes to the mainland and has her "best day ever" exploring with her best friend, Kole. Otin, a pet lizard robot given to her by her dad, keeps a watchful eye on her, but has challenges keeping up. Bode takes advantage of Kole's ailing mother to force Kole to make a terrible choice between family and his friend.
4 "Tunde" Olufikayo Adeola Olufikayo Adeola
Halima Hudson
February 28, 2024
Tola's father, Tunde, the wealthy CEO at a company creates tech to protect children from kidnapping, desperately tries to rescue his daughter from the scheming Bode as he raises the stakes. Tola tries to take in her surroundings and makes key observasions while Kole, being persued by Bode's henchman, is saved by Tola's pet lizard robot, Otin.
5 "Otin" Olufikayo Adeola Olufikayo Adeola
Halima Hudson
February 28, 2024
Kole discovers the truth about Tola's pet lizard, Otin, a robot created by her dad, Tunde, to protect Tola. Kole and Tunde team up to find and rescue Tola. Otin tracks down Tola, and leads Kole and Tunde to Bode's hideout. As Otin struggles with power issues, Tola's two rescuers are taken prisoner by Bode and his accomplices.
6 "Tola" Olufikayo Adeola Olufikayo Adeola
Halima Hudson
February 28, 2024
Bode makes bold new demands and takes Tunde and Tola back to their home on the island to hack into Tunde's company database. Joined by Kole, a supercharged Otin and some unlikely heroes, Tola creates a grand plan to save the day. Bode is apprehanded and Tunde and Tola agree to do better moving forward.


Originally, the series was going to be a series of shorts but due to the concept, it was expanded into a series that explores the futuristic world through the Black community.[1]

Animation was provided by Cinesite who also handled other animated productions, such as Sony Pictures Animation's The Star and MGM's Addams Family films.


  • Iwájú is the first series from Walt Disney Animation Studios to be a wholly original property, rather than a continuation of a preexisting film.
  • This is the first Walt Disney Animation Studios production to open with "Walt Disney presents" since the original 1977 release of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, although it's mainly referring to The Walt Disney Company rather than Walt himself.




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