Marvel Jackal

The Jackal is a Marvel Comics character that appears in Spider-Man, voiced by John DiMaggio. He is a mad scientist who experimented on himself by fusing his DNA with jackal DNA, mutating into a human-jackal hybrid with superhuman strength, superhuman speed, and invulnerability. He is obsessed with conquering the Earth and repopulating it with his genetic creations, which is why he has several genetically-engineered clones to do his bidding.

The Jackal was created by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Gerry Conway, and Ross Andru.



The Jackal appears in the Spider-Man episode "Osborn Academy". Raymond Warren was a former staff member at Empire State University who was dismissed for his genetic experiments. Jackal first appeared in the episode "Osborn Academy" where he was on a heist as Spider-Man tries to stop him. Though he did get Gwen Stacy out of harm's way at the time. Later on, he crashed Spider-Man's intervention of the feud between Herman Schultz and Clayton Cole. While also using a technology that he claimed from Stark Industries, he stole Herman and Clayton's equipment which he used to fight Spider-Man. With help from Herman and Clayton, Spider-Man disarmed Jackal who got away. In the episode "A Day in the Life", Raymond Warren meets Peter Parker at the time when he meets with Max Modell. When he auditions to work at Horizon High, Max turned him down due to his reputation. Though Raymond secretly pricked Aleksei Sytsevich with a serum that coated a hidden needle at the bottom of his ring. In the episode "Party Animals", Raymond Warren visited Norman Osborn to see if he can join Osborn Academy's staff while also mentioning his involvement with the radioactive spiders. Norman tells Jackal that he needs to prove that his hybridizing experiment works. Attending Horizon High's dance, he witnesses Aleksei Sytsevich mutating into Rhino before escaping. After following Gwen Stacy to Raymond Warren's house, Spider-Man fights Jackal until Gwen Stacy uses the antidote to regress him back to Raymond Warren. After Rhino is regressed back to Aleksei Sytsevich, Raymond Warren is arrested for mutating Aleksei Sytsevich and other crimes linked to Jackal. Norman Osborn sees the news and states that Raymond would've made an excellent teacher at Osborn Academy.

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