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This article is about the character Jackie from Star vs. the Forces of Evil. For other characters, see Jackie.

Jackie-Lynn Thomas[1] is a recurring character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is a student who attends Echo Creek Academy, the same school Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz go to. Marco had a crush on her since kindergarten, and for a while became his girlfriend until she broke up with him on good terms. In season four, she is revealed to be in a same-sex relationship with a French girl named Chloe.[2]



Jackie has platinum blonde hair with a streak of aqua blue, aqua eyes, and freckles. Her signature outfit is a green and white shirt, a golden seashell necklace, cyan shorts, green and white knee-socks, and blue and white shoes. In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", she is revealed to have a heavily pierced ear which is hidden underneath her hair.


Jackie is a laid-back and kind girl who is shown to enjoy and have a talent for skateboarding. She is shown to like weird things, especially when Marco had a Monster Arm. She does not get angered easily and at most is only mildly disappointed when something does not sit well with her. It is implied, at times, that she can be something of a trouble maker. While not malicious, she will get into trouble if the situation is presented to her in an enticing way. She is also shown to be very understanding and forgiving of others and is also observant such as when she realized that Marco still cared about Star and his adventures with her on Mewni, she knew that he was not meant for her and calmly let him go without any animosity.

Role in the series

Season One

Jackie-Lynn Thomas is the object of Marco Diaz's affection. In "Freeze Day", it is shown that Jackie had known Marco since they were toddlers. Since then, Jackie had grown up to be something of a popular student among her peers while only being mildly aware of Marco, but somewhat oblivious to his feelings toward her. She is very sociable with him and while not outright said, it is implied that some of her attention towards Marco is due to Star Butterfly's influence, of whom she does seem to show some admiration towards.

Season Two

Jackie becomes more prominent when Star begins bringing her into her social circle. Just like all their other acquaintances, Jackie is mostly indifferent and at times impressed with the supernatural things that occur. In "Sleepover", Jackie is invited by Star to a sleepover, which quickly becomes another magical adventure, and is startled to discover Marco's affection to her. She begins to rethink her relationship with him and by "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" fully accepts being his girlfriend. She begins to hang out with Marco more often all the while being blissfully unaware of Star's jealousy. In "Starcrushed", Jackie is among the gathering of friends that learns of Star's crush on Marco. Her reaction to it afterwards is not shown, though it is implied that she may have learned to deal with it.

Season Three

Jackie only makes one singular appearance in "Sophomore Slump". She is still close with Marco, but slowly begins to realize that he misses Star and his adventures with her. While Marco makes an attempt to improve, Jackie convinces him that it is too little too late and politely lets him go.

Season Four

Following her break up with Marco, Jackie went and studied abroad in France. While over there, she learned more about herself and even questioned her sexuality upon meeting Chloe. She returns in "Britta's Tacos" where she reunites with Marco and reveals her new girlfriend to him. Jackie admits that Marco was "standard", but that she enjoyed her time with him and still wanted to be friends. Before leaving, she tells him that Star is a special girl and tells him to "[not] mess that one up". She appears in the finale with Chloe where she aids Marco in reuniting with Star by lending him her skateboard, albeit in a comically indifferent attitude.


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  • Jackie-Lynn Thomas shares her voice actress with Moon Butterfly.
  • Jackie's uncle works in a skateboard factory, implying that her love from the sport most likely came from him.
  • Jackie is one of the first openly bisexual characters in a Disney series and the first named female Disney character to be in a same-sex (lesbian in her case) relationship.[2]
  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Jackie's blue hair streak is natural.


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