Jackie Wackerman is Kick's biggest and scariest fan and also his resident stalker in Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil. She first moved into the neighborhood in "Obsession: For Kick" and demonstrated her stalkerish tendencies. Kick was (initially) appreciative of the attention, causing Gunther to become jealous, but soon began to be disturbed by her. She is known to have several collections of Kick's items, such as a replica of his bedroom, a signed autograph of him, and his bandages.


She wears a blue hook bears celestial pole, under a white and green polka-dot shirt, red pants, blue shoes and dark glasses.


Kick Buttowski

She has an intense obsession with Kick, mainly due to his daredevil nature. This was exploited by Gunther, but her affection for Kick would soon revert to normal. As seen in "Obsession: For Kick", she has a wide collection of Kick-related merchandise, among them being used bandages. Naturally, Kick doesn't reciprocate such stalking behavior.

Gunther Magnuson

Gunther is known to have a crush on Jackie, mainly due to their shared interests (such as their Viking heritage). In "For The Love of Gunther", this was returned, but has since reverted for unknown reasons. However, it is to be noted that Gunther has not done any stunts since that episode, and the fact that Jackie likes daredevils will always hold true.


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