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Jade is a teenage girl, in the Disney Channel live-action series, Good Luck Charlie. She is about Gabe's age. He had a crush on her in the episode, "Wentz's Weather Girls." Gabe said that he didn't need any help from his mommy to impress her. Amy ruins Gabe's date when Gabe tries to explain his real personality. She is portrayed by Isabella Palmieri.


Jade seems to be a laid-back teenage girl, who also likes bad boys. This is shown by the way she treats Gabe in the episode of "Wentz's Weather Girls".


In  the episode, "Wentz's Weather Girls", Jade goes over to Gabe's house to do summer school work. Gabe develops a crush on Jade and tries to show her that he has a soft side so she will like him. He pretends that he makes video diaries for his little brother, Toby. Jade seemed to like Gabe's soft side, but when Gabe asks Jade if she wanted to go to the movies with him, she said no because she likes bad boys. Jade thinks Gabe is a good boy, but Gabe has been shown as a bad boy. However, since Toby arrivied, Gabe has been shown as both a good and bad boy.



Her relationship with Gabe is no more than friends. Jade likes bad boys, and since Gabe showed her a softer side of himself, rather than his normal bad side, she's not interested in him. However, there is chance that she might develop a crush later on in Season 3 or 4.


  • Wentz's Weather Girls
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