This article is about the wand owned by Jadis the White Witch. For other uses, see Wand (disambiguation).

This fearful object was owned by Queen Jadis the White Witch, and used by her to enforce her tyrannical reign of terror over Narnia.


With it the White Witch cursed Narnia into a eternal winter without Christmas, and used it to punish those who dared defy her by turning them into stone.

In the Battle of Beruna, Jadis used her wand to turn foe after foe into statues as she moved closer and closer towards King Peter, intending to turn him into stone and claim victory, but she was stopped by Edmund who managed to destroy her wand by smashing it with his sword. With its remains, the Witch stabbed Edmund before throwing it away.

The wand was recovered by the remnants of the Witch's followers, restored, and for a long time remained in their possession and tried to use it to revive the White Witch but the ritual was thwarted and what became of the wand afterwards is unknown.

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