You killer jaguars...
―Kuzco, surrounded by a pack of jaguars trying to eat him while being cornered at a cliff.

The Jaguars are minor antagonists in Disney's 2000 animated feature film, The Emperor's New Groove. They are a group of melanistic jaguars as their names imply.


The Emperor's New Groove

The Jaguars are first mentioned by Pacha who warns Kuzco not to go to the jungle, because it is a bad idea for him to go this place at night, due to the jungle having "jaguars, snakes, and quicksands in this dangerous area" in which he refuses to listen to him and foolishly travels to the jungle.

The jaguars are then found sleeping when Kuzco gets lost into the deep part of the jungle after encountering Bucky the Squirrel. When Bucky created a red balloon llama, he popped it with a quill to make these panthers wake up (despite Kuzco's warnings of telling Bucky not to pop the balloon, since it could cause trouble for Kuzco, due to the nearby jaguar pack sleeping behind him). Although the pop doesn't wake the jaguars alone, Kuzco's taunt does accidentally wake up the jaguars, in which they become hostile towards him. The jaguars suddenly get angry and try to eat Kuzco chasing him through the jungle. Upon attempting to escape, the jaguars (and a jaguar cub) then corner Kuzco who is about to fall off a cliff and as soon as Pacha passes through via swinging vine, he was able to rescue Kuzco from being eaten by the jaguars. They are never seen again throughout the rest of the film.

The Emperor's New School

The Jaguars appear as minor antagonists in the series.

In the episode The Emperor's New Pet, Mr. Moleguaco makes the kids learn responsibility by taking care of kittens. Kuzco dumps his 'Homework', but takes it back to land a play-date with Malina's Fluffy after Yzma fed Homework an elixir to become a black jaguar. Later in the episode, Kuzco is attacked by the jaguars only to be rescued by Homework.

The jaguars' largest role in the episode The Puma Whisperer when Kuzco is attacked by jaguars (pumas), Pacha saves him, and Kuzco thinks it is because of his amazing dodging skills. When he brags about it at school, Guaka arranges a puma wrestling match for him.


The jaguars in the movie are quite different from real-world jaguars.

  • 1. The jaguars in the movie have a slim built and long tails. Real-life jaguars are much more heavy-built with shorter tails. In fact, the jaguars in the movie look more like leopards.
  • 2. All the jaguars in the movie are black. In real-life, black jaguars are much rarer than normal colored ones.
  • 3. The jaguars in the movie live together in a pack. In real-life, jaguars are solitary like all other cats except for lions.


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