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Jake (later known as Captain Jake) is a young pirate boy, who is taken under the wing of Peter Pan and serves as the titular protagonist and host of the Disney Jr. 2011-2016 animated television series Jake and the Never Land Pirates.



Jake is a young pirate who was given the task to protect Never Land with his crew while Peter Pan left the island to explore the outside world. Before he left, Jake was given a wooden sword named "The Forever Sword", and it's made from the Forever Tree in Never Land with special abilities so he can be a good leader. In the special Jake's Never Land Rescue, the sword mysteriously disappeared with the threat of Never Land disappearing as well. Later during his adventure to save Never Land, Jake is bestowed with the Sword of Destiny by the newly grown Forever Tree.

Jake treats Cubby much like a little brother and Izzy like a sister and more than a friend. In addition, he also has a pet sidekick, his parrot Skully, and is the captain of a buccaneering ship named Bucky which sails to different places with his crew.

Jake is a natural-born leader, handsome, fearless, caring, and daring who cares very much for his crew and ship and is easily annoyed by Captain Hook's schemes as is the rest of his crew. In spite of their rivalry, however, Jake has saved Hook's life a few times, most notably in "Captain Hook is Missing!", where he saved Hook from falling to his death in Belch Mountain's lava pit and often puts their differences aside to work together, most notably in "The Mystery Pirate!", showing his good, honorable and compassionate side.

Jake also has a mermaid friend named Marina, who has a crush on him (according to her voice actress Ariel Winter).

Physical appearance[]

Jake is a young boy who carries a very slender figure. He has hazel eyes, spiky black hair, rosy cheeks, light olive skin, and thick black banana-shaped eyebrows. He always wears a red bandanna around his head.

In seasons 1-3, his outfit consists of a blue waistcoat with a collar and gold trims and buttons, over a white ripped V-neck T-shirt with a black crossed lace on his neckline. He also sports a gray waistband, indigo trousers, and brown bucket-top boots with gold buckles and "J" insignias on the bucket tops. His sword is also with him at all times.

Following the season 3 finale special, "The Great Never Sea Conquest", Jake now wears a navy blue captain's hat, a matching blue jacket, black trousers, and a black belt with a gold buckle. He still wears his red bandanna and brown boots, while wielding his Mighty Captain Sword with him at all times.


Jake and the Never Land Pirates[]

In the show, Jake constantly challenges Captain Hook and his crew, as they commonly steal Jake, Izzy, and Cubby's treasure. Along the way to get Captain Hook, the pirates collect gold doubloons which act as rewards for completing a task, which are called "pirate problems". At the end of each episode, Jake and his crew gather up all of their gold doubloons and store them in their Team Treasure Chest.

Being the main character of the show, Jake is the center of most of the episodes. His role as protector of Never Land was put to the test in "The Sword and the Stone" when Hook stole Jake's sword. Throughout that adventure, Jake had to use various fill-ins to complete tasks that his sword would be very handy for. In the end, Jake learns that the power of his sword can only be accessed through the one with the purest heart, which happened to be Jake himself.

Many episodes showcase Jake being a huge fan of Peter Pan. Whenever Peter would bestow an assignment on the young pirates, Jake would put everything else aside to complete it.

In the Season 3 finale, and onward to the 4th and final season of the series, Jake earns his official status as a captain on the Never Sea and becomes a legend.

Disney Parks[]

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Jake poses for a photo at Disney California Adventure.

Jake made his Disney Parks debut at Disney's Hollywood Studios during a Disney Jr. party as part of a social mom bloggers event along with character meet-and-greets. Jake began to make regular meet-and-greets at Disney's Hollywood Studios beginning November 13, 2011, as he is currently the most requested character at Walt Disney World, meeting fans at the Animation Court, and also joined the ‘Play ‘n Dine’ character meal at Hollywood and Vine. Beginning a week later, on November 20, Jake was added to meet and greet fans at Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort, where he can be seen along Hollywood Boulevard in the Hollywood Land area. He also can be found at Disneyland Paris in the Walt Disney Studios park.

Away from the parks, Jake attended the 2011 D23 Expo where he, Captain Hook, and Smee held a meet-and-greet with fans and appeared with Sharky and Bones at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game. Jake joined Madison Pettis, who voices Izzy, at the Shane Victorino Nicetown Boys and Girls Club in Philadelphia (along with over 200 volunteers) to help build a new playground in conjunction with the KaBOOM! Foundation. In November, Jake, Sharky, and Bones participated in the 20th Annual Festival of Lights Parade in Chicago. He, along with Sofia the First, appeared at the 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll and were involved in a Power of Sharing tour during the summer of 2014.

Disney Junior - Live on Stage![]

Jake appears as a puppet in the live musical stage show at Disney California Adventure and Disney's Hollywood Studios. During Jake's segment, Captain Hook steals their team treasure chest where they keep their gold doubloons. He tells the audience to join him and pretend to be Tick-Tock the Crocodile to scare Hook off.


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  • He is a good swordsman like Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Deadpool, Prince Charming, Captain Jack Sparrow, Gamora, Aladdin, Sora, and Robin Hood.
  • Although his Forever Sword was wooden, it had the ability to slice through objects just as good as a real sword. In addition, it can also resist ShiverJack's magic and in "Treasure of the Pirate Mummy's Tomb", the Forever Sword was shown to be strong enough to hold back crumbling walls.
    • This may imply that the Forever Tree, as well as being the source of Never Land's magic and existence, was also highly potent.
  • In the Jake and the Never Land Pirates-themed Disney Junior logo, the "I" resembles Jake.
  • He is eight-years-old.
  • He can play the guitar, as revealed in the episodes "Escape From Belch Mountain", "Pirate Rock!", and the special "Peter Pan Returns".
  • Jake, Izzy, and Skully are the only characters to originate from television to appear in the opening for the Disney Junior movie block The Magical World of Disney Junior, while the other characters originate from films and shorts, such as The Princess and the Frog, Mickey Mouse, and Finding Nemo.
  • Jake is the sixth character to have a solo song in the series, in an episode "A Feather in Hook's Hat". The first being Izzy (in "Surfin' Turf"), the second being Cubby (in "The Golden Twilight Treasure!"), the third being Captain Hook (in "Treasure Show and Tell!"), the fourth being Peter Pan (in the special "Peter Pan Returns"), and the fifth being Marina (in "Undersea Bucky!").
  • Colin Ford voiced Jake from the beginning of the series until the episode "Cookin' with Hook". The late Cameron Boyce began voicing the character in the episode "Pirate Putt-Putt" as Ford's understudy. It was not until the episode "Sail Away Treasure" that Cameron Boyce took over the voice role of Jake due to Colin Ford's voice changing. Starting with the episode "Smee-erella" Sean Ryan Fox became the understudy for Boyce to voice Jake. Fox became the primary voice after Boyce left and beginning with the special "Battle for the Book", Riley Thomas Stewart became Fox's understudy. Gabe Eggerling served as Stewart's understudy as the voice of Jake, and later took over the role sometime within mid-season four.

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