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Jake Marcan is Gabe's friend. He was first introduced as a kid on Gabe's basketball team. He then bought Gabe's old bike for ten dollars, and then returned it because he didn't like it. He then appears when him and Gabe go to a PG-13 movie by themselves. Teddy then does a report on this and he and Gabe help her. He also gets stuff whenever he fails making sports (I.E. not making the football team.) Jake is shown to be a bad kid, due to the fact that he forced Gabe to buy the video game instead of Charlie's birthday present, and wanted Gabe to steal the doll when the store would not let Gabe return the game (Special Delivery). His voice sounded deeper in Special Delivery. He is not very smart. He is portrayed by Tucker Albrizzi.


  • Teddy's Little Helper (First appearance)
  • Pushing Buttons
  • Bye Bye Video Diary (Mentioned only)
  • Baby's New Shoes
  • PJ in the City (Mentioned only)
  • Termite Queen
  • Special Delivery
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