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The following is a list of episodes of Jake and the Never Land Pirates, in chronological order.

Season One (2011-2012)

# First segment Second segment Airdate
1/1-1 "Hide the Hideout!" "The Old Shell Game" February 14, 2011
2/1-2 "Hats Off to Hook!" "Escape from Belch Mountain" February 15, 2011
3/1-3 "Off the Hook" "Never Say Never!" February 16, 2011
4/1-4 "Yo Ho, Food to Go!" "Basketballs Aweigh!" February 17, 2011
5/1-5 "The Sky's the Limit!" "Bucky Makes a Splash" February 18, 2011
6/1-6 "Happy Hook Day!" "No Returns!" February 19, 2011
7/1-7 "Izzy's Pirate Puzzle" "The Never Land Games" February 21, 2011
8/1-8 "Free Wheeling Fun" "The Race to Never Peak!" February 22, 2011
9/1-9 "Cubby's Sunken Treasure" "Cubby's Goldfish" February 23, 2011
10/1-10 "Surfin' Turf" "The Seahorse Roundup" February 24, 2011
11/1-11 "It's a Pirate Picnic!" "The Key to Skull Rock" February 25, 2011
12/1-12 "The Never Bloom!" "Jake's Starfish Search" February 28, 2011
13/1-13 "Hook Seals a Deal!" "The Emerald Coconut" March 18, 2011
14/1-14 "The Golden Twilight Treasure!" "Rock the Croc!" March 28, 2011
15/1-15 "The Elephant Surprise!" "Jake's Jungle Groove" April 4, 2011
16/1-16 "The Golden Egg" "Huddle Up!" April 11, 2011
17/1-17 'Save the Coral Cove!" "Treasure Chest Switcheroo" April 22, 2011
18/1-18 "Birds of a Feather" "Treasure Show and Tell!" May 21, 2011
19/1-19 "The Pirate Princess" "The Rainbow Wand" June 17, 2011
20/1-20 "The Sword and the Stone" "Jake's Home Run!" August 26, 2011
21/1-21 "Captain Hook's Parrot" "Skybird Island is Falling!" September 19, 2011
22/1-22 "Night of the Golden Pumpkin" "Trick or Treasure!" October 14, 2011
23/1-23 "The Pirate Pup!" "Pirate Rock!" November 10, 2011
24/1-24 "It's a Winter Never Land!" "Hook on Ice!" December 2, 2011
25/1-25 "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns" February 13, 2012

Season Two (2012-2013)

# First segment Second segment Airdate
26/2-1 "Bucky's Anchor Aweigh!" "The Never Rainbow" February 24, 2012
27/2-2 "Peter's Musical Pipes" "The Never Night Star" February 24, 2012
28/2-3 "Race-Around Rock!" "Captain Hook is Missing!" March 28, 2012
29/2-4 "Captain Hook's Hooks" "Mr. Smee's Pet" April 11, 2012
30/2-5 "Pirates of the Desert" "The Great Pirate Pyramid" April 13, 2012
31/2-6 "Mama Hook Knows Best!" "Pixie Dust Away!" May 12, 2012
32/2-7 "Captain Hook's Lagoon" "Undersea Bucky!" June 8, 2012
33/2-8 "A Feather in Hook's Hat" "A Whale of a Tale" June 8, 2012
34/2-9 "The Mermaid's Song" "Treasure of the Tides" June 29, 2012
35/2-10 "Big Bug Valley!" "The Queen of Never Land" July 27, 2012
36/2-11 "Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty" "Pirate Campout" August 10, 2012
37/2-12 "Izzy's Trident Treasure" "Pirate Putt-Putt" August 24, 2012
38/2-13 "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky" September 19, 2012
39/2-14 "Tricks, Treats and Treasure!" "Season of the Sea Witch" October 5, 2012
40/2-15 "Cookin' with Hook" "Captain Flynn's New Matey" November 26, 2012
41/2-16 "Sail Away Treasure" "The Mystery of Mysterious Island!" November 27, 2012
42/2-17 "A Bad Case of the Barnacles!" "Cubby's Pet Problem" November 28, 2012
43/2-18 "Hook's Hookity-Hook!" "Hooked Together!" November 29, 2012
44/2-19 "Cubby's Mixed Up Map" "Jake's Cool New Matey" December 7, 2012
45/2-20 "Hooked!" "The Never Land Pirate Ball" January 25, 2013
46/2-21 "Jake's Birthday Bash!" "The Lighthouse Diamond" March 1, 2013
47/2-22 "Tiki Tree Luau!" "Captain Who?" March 22, 2013
48/2-23 "Ahoy, Captain Smee!" "Cap'n Croak!" April 19, 2013
49/2-24 "The Mystery Pirate!" "Pirate Swap!" May 10, 2013
50/2-25 "Jake and Sneaky Le Beak!" "Cubby the Brave!" May 24, 2013
51/2-26 "Pirate Genie-in-a-Bottle!" June 14, 2013
52/2-27 "Pirate Pals" "Treasurefalls!" June 21, 2013
53/2-28 "Hook's Playful Plant!" "The Golden Smee!" July 5, 2013
54/2-29 "Sand Pirate Cubby!" "Song of the Desert" July 19, 2013
55/2-30 "Jake's Special Delivery" "Seahorse Saddle-Up!" July 26, 2013
56/2-31 "Jake and the Beanstalk" "Little Red Riding Hook!" August 9, 2013
57/2-32 "Follow the Bouncing Bumble!" "Sandy and the Clams" August 16, 2013
58/2-33 "Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue" September 29, 2013
59/2-34 "Misty's Magical Mix-Up!" "Bones' Lucky Doubloon!" October 4, 2013
60/2-35 "Jake's Royal Rescue" November 3, 2013
61/2-36 "F-F-Frozen Never Land!" "Little Stinkers" December 6, 2013

Season Three (2014-2015)

# First segment Second segment Airdate
62/3-1 "Treasure of the Pirate Mummy's Tomb" "Mystery of the Missing Treasure!" January 3, 2014
63/3-2 "Invisible Jake" "Who's a Pretty Bird?" January 10, 2014
64/3-3 "Captain Gizmo" "Jake's Pirate Swap Meet" January 17, 2014
65/3-4 "Pirate Genie Tales" January 24, 2014
66/3-5 "Cubby's Crabby Crusade" "The Never Sands of Time" January 31, 2014
67/3-6 "Trouble on the High Sneeze" "Pirate-Sitting Pirates" February 7, 2014
68/3-7 "Smee-erella" February 14, 2014
69/3-8 "The Never Land Coconut Cook-Off" "The Lost and Found Treasure" February 21, 2014
70/3-9 "Hideout…It's Hook!" "Tick Tock Trap" February 28, 2014
71/3-10 "Play It Again, Cubby!" "Trading Treasures" April 1, 2014
72/3-11 "The Singing Stones" "The Mermaid Queen's Voice" April 11, 2014
73/3-12 "Where's Mama Hook?" "Captain Hook's New Hobby" May 9, 2014
74/3-13 "Bucky's Treasure Hunt" "Cubby's Tall Tale" June 27, 2014
75/3-14 "Hook's Treasure Nap" "Princess Power!" July 4, 2014
76/3-15 "Nanny Nell" "Izzy and the Sea-Unicorn" July 18, 2014
77/3-16 "Hook the Genie!" "A Royal Misunderstanding" August 1, 2014
78/3-17"Pirate Pogo" "The Sneaky Snook-Off" August 15, 2014
79/3-18"Sleeping Mermaid" "Jake's Mega-Mecha Sword" September 19, 2014
80/3-19"Pirate Ghost Story" "Queen Izzy-bella" October 3, 2014
81/3-20"Jake the Wolf" "Witch Hook" October 10, 2014
82/3-21"Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book" October 26, 2014
83/3-22"Mer-Matey Ahoy!" "Pirate Pinball" November 14, 2014
84/3-23"ShiverJack" "Treasure Tunnel Trouble" November 21, 2014
85/3-24"Grandpa Bones" "The Arctic Pearl" November 26, 2014
86/3-25"Captain Scrooge" December 5, 2014
87/3-26"Jake's Awesome Surprise" "Aye, Aye Cap'n-Cap'n" February 27, 2015
88/3-27"Captain Frost" "The Legendary Snow-Foot!" March 6, 2015
89/3-28"Look Out...Never-Sharks!" "The Monkey Pirate King" March 6, 2015
90/3-29"Stowaway Ghosts!" "Happy 1000th Birthday!" March 6, 2015
91/3-30"Flight of the Feathers" "Captain Hookity-Hook!" June 29, 2015
92/3-31"Dread the Evil Genie" "Sandblast" July 6, 2015
93/3-32"Tiki Maskerade Mystery" "The Tale of Ratsputin" July 13, 2015
94/3-33"Captain Buzzard to the Rescue!" "Croctastrophy!" July 27, 2015
95/3-34 "Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Great Never Sea Conquest" July 31, 2015

Season Four (2015-2016)

# First segment Second segment Airdate
96/4-1 "Into the Heart of Coldness" "The Remarkable Beardini!" September 19, 2015
97/4-2 "Escape from Ghost Island" "The Island of Doctor Undergear" October 10, 2015
98/4-3 "Rise of the Pirate Pharaoh" "The Golden Hook" October 17, 2015
99/4-4 "Mystery of the Mighty Colossus" "The Doubloon Monsoon" October 24, 2015
100/4-5 "Shark Attack!" "Captain Hook's Colossal Collision" November 7, 2015
101/4-6 "Phantoms of Never-Nether Land" "Magical Mayhem!" November 14, 2015
102/4-7 "Monkey Tiki Trouble" "Jake's Cold-Hearted Matey" November 21, 2015
103/4-8 "The Golden Dragon" "Peter Pan's 100 Treasures!" February 8, 2016
104/4-9 "Dread the Pharaoh!" "Sharky Unchained" March 7, 2016
105/4-10 "Captain Quixote" "Captain Hook's Crocodile Crew" March 14, 2016
106/4-11 "The Creature of Doubloon Lagoon" "Minotaur Mix-Up!" March 21, 2016
107/4-12 "Pirate Fools Day!" "The Forbidden City" March 28, 2016
108/4-13 "Attack of the Pirate Piranhas" "March of the Lava Monsters" June 21, 2016
109/4-14 "Beardini's Apprentice" "Mummy First Mate" July 11, 2016
110/4-15 "Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Legion of Pirate Villains" October 1, 2016
111/4-16 "Crabageddon!" "Night of the Stonewolf" October 8, 2016
112/4-17 "Tales of Captain Buzzard" October 15, 2016
113/4-18 "Tiger Sharky Strikes Again!" "Captain Jake's Pirate Power Crew!" October 22, 2016
114/4-19 "Captain Hook's Last Stand!" November 6, 2016

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