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Janna Ordonia[1] is a supporting character in the Disney XD animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is student at Echo Creek Academy, and one of Jackie's friends, and later becomes a friend to Star Butterfly.



Janna is shown to be somewhat of a troublemaker and has a liking for macabre things. She is often known to enjoy teasing Marco. She makes a habit of stealing his personal information in a playful manner, such as his passwords, social security number, and fingerprints. She even likes to scare Marco as shown in "Interdimensional Field Trip" when she was wearing fake fangs.

Janna's role as a troublemaker is confirmed in "Girls' Day Out" when she is in Detention with Star, Serge, Ingrid, and Toby. Janna also shows to be very strategic when cutting class with Star.

Physical appearance

Janna has short dark-blue hair and brown eyes. She wears an olive green shirt, a turquoise jacket, a yellow skirt, brown boots, and an olive green beanie hat.

Role in the series

Season One

Janna made reoccurring appearances throughout the first season, usually as a background character. In both "Monster Arm" and "Blood Moon Ball", she is shown to be friends with Jackie-Lynn Thomas as if she was part of her clique. In the former episode she was attracted to Marco Diaz's titular appendage. She did not gain true prominence until the episode "Mewberty" where she is revealed to have somehow gained possession of Star Butterfly's Magic Instruction Book. She suggests to Marco that they mess around with it, but he forces her to give it up to him to help with stopping Star's Mewberty transformation. She does so, but takes his house keys. Later, she gets Glossaryck to open up about how to help Star, which is to just not do anything. Since then, she has continued to toy with Marco in an almost flirtatious, yet macabre manner, much to his chagrin.

Season Two

Starting with "Girls' Day Out", Janna becomes friendlier with Star and begins to hang out with her and Marco more often. Much of her appearances usually revolve around her forcing herself into Star and Marco's lives or simply coming along to partake in many of their adventures. She continues to toy with Marco such as breaking into his wallet in "Gift of the Card", or interacting with his curse in "Naysaya". She takes her time with Star very seriously as in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", Janna desperately wanted to hang out with her to see if the legends were true about the titular entertainer. Furthermore, she is shown getting along with StarFan13, Pony Head and Kelly and witnessed Star opening up about her feelings for Marco in "Starcrushed", news that she seemed genuinely surprised by.

Season Three

Janna's role is greatly reduced as she only makes four appearances. However, she plays a major role in each of them. In "Rest in Pudding", Janna helped Star out, via phone, to tell her how to put Glossaryck's spirit to rest and in "Sophomore Slump", she saw Marco off to Mewni, by giving him his social security card back. In "Deep Dive", she is recruited by Star and Marco to help determine what is happening with the former when she goes to sleep. She actually ends up being a big help, but also reveals that she had secretly hypnotized Marco so whenever she snapped her fingers and said "Chicken butt", he would immediately fall unconscious. She lastly appears in "Stump Day" where she takes part in celebrating Star's birthday. When an argument among the friends break out, she deduces that Kelly has a crush on Marco and ends up initiating the Stump's arrival when she tosses a stump into the fireplace.

Season Four

Janna gets a greatly expanded role starting with "Out of Business" where she joins Star and Marco to the closing of Quest Buy. She continues to act as the comic relief of the group and journeys to have the curse lifted between Marco and Star in "Curse of the Blood Moon". In that same episode, she supposedly severs her own soul from her self, even though everyone tells her that it does not make any sense. She is shown to have made friends with Eclipsa Butterfly in "Meteora's Lesson" and in "Junkin' Janna" attempted to become friends with Tom Lucitor; showing favoritism towards his gothic appearance, though she is surprised by his more gentrified demeanor. Following Eclipsa's "Cornonation", she returns to earth with Marco in "Doop-Doop".

She plays a major role in the final arc of the series starting with "Jannanigans" where Star, Marco and Tom recruit her to help them find their way back to Mewni. This moment was notable for showing Janna becoming overwhelmed with how people view her. She nevertheless, succeeds in finding a tunnel to Mewni. After traveling through the magic realm, she winds up in Mewni where she aids Eclipsa with battling the Solarian army and proceeds to tend to Globgor after he is severely injured. In "The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse", she tends to the other wounded defenders and freaks out upon witnessing the death of Weird Guy. In "Cleaved", after all magic has been destroyed, Janna winds up back on earth where she speaks with Marco for the last time. She admits that she views him as her friend and helps him escape so that he can be with Star.


  • Part of the reason why Janna likes to stalk Marco is because he "gave his consent", but that he does not remember doing so.[2]
  • Janna Ordonia is implied to be Filipino-American which was officially confirmed by the official Disney TVA Twitter account.[3]


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