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You idiots! You... YOU FOOLS! OH, YOU IMBECILES!
―Angry Cruella to Jasper and Horace[src]

Jasper and Horace Badun are the secondary antagonists of Disney's 1961 animated feature film, One Hundred and One Dalmatians. They are a pair of lowly crooks that were hired to serve as Cruella De Vil's henchmen. The short-tempered and loud-mouthed Jasper acts as the brains and the de facto leader of the two, while the gluttonous Horace acts as the muscle.


The Badun Brothers are a pair of crooks-for-hire. They are fairly amoral, simply wishing to make money however they can, even if they have to align themselves with shady characters to do so.

They are hired to dognap Pongo and Perdita's 15 Dalmatian Puppies to be used in making Cruella's fur coat. Neither one seems to be very intelligent, but Horace appears to have more insight and is often shown to correctly guess what the Dalmatians' plans are. However, Jasper quickly rejects these ideas in favor of his own believing that dogs could not possibly be that intelligent, despite already showing they indeed are. Though Jasper and Horace carry out Cruella's deeds, they only do it for money and not for enjoyment. Horace fears her wrath, but Jasper shows no respect for Cruella due to often being annoyed with her bossiness. This makes Cruella despise Jasper more than Horace.

In the sequel, they are almost arrested when they decide to stand up for themselves by admitting Cruella made them carry out their deeds. They get pardoned for their part in kidnapping the puppies and open up a clothes corporation.

Jasper (voiced by J. Pat O'Malley) is the de facto leader of the duo and "brains" of the outfit. He is tall, skinny, and enjoys drinking alcohol. His favorite activities are playing darts and watching What's My Crime? with Horace. According to 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, Jasper is not well-liked by their parents and never has been. Jasper drives a beater truck with a shoddy engine that spits and sputters, and rattles.

Temperament-wise, Jasper is the more aggressive of the two. He can maintain a decent poker face for a period of time, but is quick to physical abuse and snappy remarks when things annoy him. He is also bold enough to occasionally challenge Cruella, though it typically ends in punishment for himself and Horace.

Jasper was voiced by Michael McKean in the TV series, Jan Rabson in 101 Dalmatians: Escape from DeVil Manor, Jess Harnell in 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue, and has been voiced by Jeff Bennett since 2003.

Horace (voiced by Frederick Worlock) is the shorter and fatter of the duo, with a love for food (especially sandwiches and cakes). He is supposedly less intelligent than Jasper, but a number of occasions imply otherwise. Horace seems to have a higher moral code. He often voices his dislike for criminal activity by stating, "I don't like it, Jasper!" and is visibly anxious and hesitant when committing a crime.

Horace is also less churlish; while Jasper is prone to mocking victims (as was the case with Nanny), Horace tries to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

Horace was voiced by David Lander in the TV series, Tony Pope in 101 Dalmatians: Escape from DeVil Manor, Jeff Bennett in 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue, and has been voiced by Maurice LaMarche since 2003.

Physical appearance

Jasper: In the original 1961 film, Jasper is tall, lanky, and balding with some grey hair surrounding the top of his scalp. His attire consists of a brown sport coat, brown turtleneck sweater, brown trousers, brown cap, and black shoes with brown socks. Later on in the film, his winter clothing consists of a brown buttoned coat with sleeves that stop just before the wrists, black snow boots, and brown mittens.

Horace: In the original 1961 film, Horace is short, fat, and also balding with gray hair surrounding his scalp. His attire consists of a brown sport coat, a light green turtleneck sweater, brown cap, dark green trousers, and black shoes with brownish-green socks. Later on in the film, his winter clothing consists of a brown buttoned coat with sleeves that stop just before the wrists, black snow boots, and light green mittens.


One Hundred and One Dalmatians

In 101 Dalmatians, the Badun brothers sneak into Roger and Anita's house by passing themselves as repairmen from the Electric Company (Kanine Krunchies deliverymen in the sequel and musical version). Nanny refuses to let them in since Roger and Anita are gone, but they force their way in. Jasper toys with Nanny up in the attic while Horace steals the puppies. Making their hasty escape, Jasper and Horace transport the puppies to Cruella's former home Hell Hall. Soon after, the dognapping is covered by the newspapers, making them try to back out. They call Cruella and ask for their payment, but she refuses to pay anything until the 'job' is done before angrily hanging up on them when she mistakes Jasper furiously telling Horace to be quiet to be directed at her.

At Hell Hall, they laze about watching and eating, along with the stolen puppies and 84 bought puppies. This is where their potential kindness comes into play as they allow them to watch television with them, but tell Lucky to move so they can see What's My Crime?. Eventually, an incensed Cruella arrives and tells Jasper and Horace that she "wants the job done first thing in the morning" or she will report them to the police, making her threat perfectly clear when she angrily throws the liquor Jasper was drinking into the fireplace, causing a small explosion that made Cruella look even more sinister, then angrily slaps both of them across the face to make it clear she is dead serious about it. Though Jasper notes that the puppies were not big enough for the amount of coats Cruella apparently desires, she decides to settle for what they can get and leaves. While they are watching What's My Crime?, the puppies are rescued by Sergeant Tibbs. After the show ends, Jasper and Horace take up some improvised weapons; Jasper improvises a fireplace poker and Horace takes an old chair leg. They disagree over whether or not Jasper skins and Horace kills them or vice-versa, but they stop their arguing when they overhear a sound from the door, that being Tibbs finally managing to get Rolly through the hole in the drywall next to the door, but not without Rolly yelping in the process, alerting the Baduns.

Jasper and Horace then notice the puppies have escaped through the hole in the wall and begin a search of the house. Eventually, after a disorganized chase around the house, they are able to corner the puppies in a room. Before they can kill them, Pongo and Perdita arrive, crashing through one of the front windows, and attack Jasper and Horace. While the puppies use the cover of the fight to escape, Horace is tripped into the fireplace by Perdita and Jasper gets his pants pulled down by Pongo. Both are buried underneath the ceiling when it collapses due to Horace running into Jasper and making them crash into it.

After escaping the debris, they track the Dalmatians to a farm building through their footprints. After being attacked by the Colonel, then by the Captain and Tibbs, they realize the dogs have already left the building. They try to head off the dogs, but the Dalmatians elude them by traveling along a frozen river.

A few days later, Jasper and Horace meet up with Cruella on the road. She asks them if they've found any sign of the puppies and is given a negative response from Jasper. Horace then says they're freezing and intend to give up the search. However, Cruella refuses to let them off the hook and forces them to continue, declaring they will find the puppies if it takes until the next Christmas; she also tells them to be careful with their driving if they do not want to be caught and ticketed by the police (Cruella herself, ironically, is an extremely fast and reckless driver). She is still bent on getting her coat one way or another. She eventually finds footprints lead to a nearby village called Dinsford. There, she, Jasper, and Horace search for the puppies. Horace points out some "Labrador puppies", suggesting the possibility that the dogs disguised themselves. Annoyed, Jasper sarcastically blows off the idea and furiously bashes Horace on the head, angrily calling him an idiot.

When the Dalmatians are discovered to be hiding in a moving van heading for London, they pursue it in their truck. Jasper makes a plan to ram the van into a ravine, but Horace panics and accidentally pulls out the truck's steering wheel, making the truck slide down the mountain out of control. The truck ends up individually crashing into Cruella's car, dislodging it from where she had jammed it under the back of the moving van and sending both vehicles over the edge as they fall apart to pieces. Though Cruella, Horace, and Jasper are still alive, she suffers a mental breakdown, angrily cursing their incompetence while they sit on the wreckage sulking as the van escapes. An annoyed Jasper simply tells Cruella to shut up, finally getting the courage to stand up for themselves as Cruella collapses on a piece of wreckage and cries over losing her Dalmatian coat.

101 Dalmatians: The Series

In 101 Dalmatians: The Series, the Badun Brothers are the "H. and J. Concepts" company and are employed by Cruella to do her dirty work. This involves delivering ransom notes and going through Anita's trash. Unlike the films, they have American accents and dressed differently than they did before (due to the series being set in the United States).

101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure

Jasper and Horace in 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure.

The Badun brothers return in the sequel. In this film, Jasper and Horace are first seen in jail. Jasper says it is unfair that he and Horace have to spend time in jail while Cruella is let off with probation and a restraining order and Horace agrees with him. Cruella pays their bail money so they can round up the puppies for Lars to use as canvases. As part of Cruella's plan to kidnap the puppies, Jasper reluctantly dresses up as a woman so he and Horace can trick a Kanine Krunchies deliveryman and steal his truck. Upon reaching the Cherry Tree Farm where the puppies now live, Jasper and Horace lure them into the truck using the dog food the vehicle is carrying. Nanny then arrives on the scene and threatens to hit the duo with her frying pan if they do not release the puppies. Jasper tries to sweet-talk her, but she hits him with the pan and proceeds to chase Horace. After a fiasco in a pig sty, Jasper and Horace overpower Nanny by tying her up and trapping her in a well.

Jasper and Horace bring the puppies to Cruella, who presents them to Lars. However, when Lars refuses to kill the puppies, Cruella has him bound and gagged and decides to finally get her spotted fur coat. After her, Jasper, Horace, and Lil' Lightning are thrown into a river by Patch and Thunderbolt, they are arrested. Finally having had enough of Cruella, Jasper and Horace are turned loose after they confessed to Nanny, Roger, and Anita that it was she who told them to get the puppies and is behind the dognapping. With this, Cruella, having now cracked and gone completely insane, is taken away to the lunatic asylum. After they are both pardoned, they go straight and obtain their own line of sundresses.

Other appearances

The Badun brothers also made a brief appearance in the cartoon The Saga of Windwagon Smith.

They make a cameo in the Bonkers episode "The 29th Page" at a prison line-up.

They make a cameo appearance in the House of Mouse episode "Suddenly Hades", during the Hades Heating advertisement at the end of the show. They also appeared in the film Mickey's House of Villains as guests of the club and are seen dancing in a congo line when the villains takeover the club.

They also make a cameo in a flashback in the episode "The De Vil Wears Puppies" in 101 Dalmatian Street.

Live-action appearances

101 Dalmatians

Jasper and Horace in the live-action remake.

In the live-action remake, the Badun brothers were portrayed by Hugh Laurie and Mark Williams. They were inspired from Harry Lyme and Marv Merchants from the first two films of the Home Alone franchise (which were incidentally written and produced by John Hughes). Here they are both skinny (though Jasper is still thinner than Horace) and are not implied to be related. They are still very similar to their animated counterparts, though they are depicted as much more ruthless characters, and never reform. Jasper is also shown to be a little bit smarter. They actually seem to enjoy animal cruelty (or at least, Jasper does), even deciding to take over taxidermist Mr. Skinner's job of killing and skinning the puppies (in this version, their job initially is just to kidnap them). They also appear to be more polite to their boss, never once bad-mouthing Cruella even though she doesn't respect them. At the end, tired of all the misfortunes they had endured after kidnapping the puppies and accidentally letting them escape, they allow themselves to be arrested along with Mr. Skinner (who was beaten by Kipper) by the local police and end up being sprayed by a skunk that Cruella unknowingly brought with her, making them all scream in terror, while Horace covers his nose. Jasper bangs his head on the roof of the paddy wagon whilst trying to get away from the smell and Horace bangs on the door to try to alert the police about the skunk, but the police take no notice.

Unlike their counterparts in the animated version, Jasper and Horace are not seen in 102 Dalmatians, which assumes they may be still in prison.


Horace and Jasper with Estella

Jasper and Horace appear in the live-action film Cruella, which shows how they first met Cruella. Jasper is played by Joel Fry while Horace is played by Paul Walter Hauser. Jasper is the taller, more intellectual of the pair, while Horace is better at disguises and always believes there's an angle to play. They are petty thieves who meet a young girl named Estella at Regent's Park, where they are chased by police back to their sanctuary. The boys introduced themselves and their one-eyed dog Wink to Estella. She revealed that her mother had died, which Jasper sympathized with and urged Horace to remember that feeling. She found a safe place with the boys but knew she had to conform to hide her identity in case the police searched for her. As adults, the trio made a life for themselves as successful petty criminals who frequently ran from the police. Jasper knew that Estella secretly longed for a career as a fashion designer at Baroness Von Hellman's prestigious couture company the House of Baroness. On her birthday, Jasper and Horace surprised her with a cake, albeit it was stolen, and a job acceptance letter to one of the Baroness’ many stores. Jasper had pulled a few strings to get her accepted, strings that included breaking in and dropping her resume on the pile. The men supported Estella in her endeavors, and when she realized that Baroness Von Hellman had her mother's necklace, she recruited the men to help her steal it back. Horace went into the gala disguised a pest control employee, the intellectual Jasper stayed in a van to manipulate cameras, and Estella donned her alter-ego Cruella to distract the Baroness.

Though they helped Estella, who now went by Cruella, to outshine the Baroness and throw pop-up fashion shows, they grew tired of her cruel attitude and rude remarks. The Baroness learned that Estella was Cruella and tied-up Horace and Jasper at their home. She then tried to murder Cruella to frame Jasper and Horace for her death. The men were arrested and held in prison, where Jasper tried to help Horace mourn the death of Estella, as opposed to Cruella. They were valiantly rescued by Cruella, Buddy and Wink, as she had survived thanks to the Baroness' valet. She revealed to them that she was the Baroness' biological daughter, and that the Baroness had murdered her adoptive mother Catherine. She apologized for her actions as Cruella and asked them, as her family, to help her. Unable to say no to the "family card" as Jasper put it, the men helped Cruella pull off one final con. Horace also stole her a car that inspired her to take the surname "De Vil", while Jasper helped her to remain Estella.

The men helped Artie make wigs for gala guests to wear that paid homage to Cruella's hairstyle, trapped the Baroness' guards in the library, and guided the guests outside where they all witnessed the Baroness murder Estella. However, Estella secretly survived with the use of a skirt turned into a parachute, which landed her near a boat steered by Horace. The trio, alongside Wink and Buddy, buried "Estella". Horace was emotional at the funeral while Jasper reminded him that the funeral was fake, since she was alive as Cruella De Vil. With the Baroness' arrest, Cruella inherited the Hellman estate and fortune. The trio of former petty thieves moved into the estate, now called Hell Hall, where Cruella had a few ideas of what to do next.

Printed media

Descendants: Isle of the Lost

The Badun Brothers are both some of the villains imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost. Jasper now has a son named Jason (or Jace) and Horace has a son named Harold (or Harry) who are accomplices of Cruella's son Carlos.

Disney Parks

Jasper and Horace in the Disney Cinema Parade.

Walt Disney World Resort

The Badun Brothers appear as villains in Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. On Main Street, U.S.A., Jasper and Horace are forced to work for Cruella in an attempt to find the Crystal of the Magic Kingdom as she threatened to murder them if they refuse to follow her demands. Upon learning that Pongo has contacted the local dogs to help guard the crystal, she sends Jasper and Horace to capture and eliminate them. Jasper creates several traps to capture them and Horace takes them to Cruella's lair. When the park guests arrive, they defeat Jasper by trapping him in one of the dog traps. They then head to the lair, where Cruella orders Horace to eliminate the captured dogs. Before he can, the guests arrive and unleash them. They then attack Horace, giving the guests a chance to go after Cruella.

In 2020, Jasper and Horace appeared alongside Cruella in the caravan parade, as part of the Disney Villains After Hours event at the Magic Kingdom.

Disneyland Paris

In the former Walt Disney Studios Park parade, Disney Cinema Parade, both Badun Brothers were seen during the Dalmatians' unit with a large sack, ready to kidnap the puppies. They seem to be based on their "live-action" occupation.

Tokyo Disney Resort

During the resort's annual Halloween event, both Badun Brothers are featured among the villain and henchmen decorative banners seen in Tokyo Disneyland.


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  • In the original novel, one of the Badun Bothers was named Saul. For unknown reasons, his name was changed to Horace.
  • The way Horace accidentally bumped his club into Jasper's head when trying to attack Pongo and Perdita was repeated in The Sword in the Stone by Sir Ector.
  • The Milkman's truck from The Aristocats resembles that of Jasper and Horace.
  • In the live-action remake, Jasper and Horace are similar to the Wet Bandits, Harry and Marv, in Home Alone and its sequel, as they too are incompetent robbers, suffer several accidents, get outwitted by the protagonists, and get arrested afterward. The notable difference is the tall one (Jasper) is the dominant one of the duo. This may not be a coincidence, as both films were written and produced by the late John Hughes.
  • In both the 1961, and the 1996 version of the films Jasper’s weapon is a fireplace poker. But Horace takes an old chair leg in the 1961 version while he used a leg from a table in the 1996 version instead.

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