Jennifer (left) and Claudia (right)

Jennifer and Claudia are two beautiful blonde twin girls on The Replacements. They are normally seen with Sierra McCool. The girls make their first (non-speaking) appearance in "The Jerky Girls" and their last appearance in "R2: A Tale of Two Rileys".

Physical Appearance

Jennifer has wavy hair in a ponytail. She wears pink hoop earrings, a periwinkle dress, and purple shoes. Starting with season 2, she wears a purple belt and stud earrings. Claudia has shorter hair than Jennifer. She wears an aqua green dress with a pink flower in the center, and blue shoes.


  • In the first season episodes "The Insecurity Guard" and "Carnie Dearest", a common gag was for the two girls to be commenting on what they are wearing (which are actually identical to each other), when Todd lands in a mud puddle next to them, ruining their clothes. ("The Insecurity Guard" also marked their first speaking appearance, although Jennifer had two brief lines in the previous episode "CindeRiley".)
  • The show never actually reveals whether or not they are sisters (let alone twins), but this fact is hinted, based on the gag above.
  • Jennifer wears earrings, while Claudia does not.
  • Both of the girls wear socks with their shoes.
  • Jennifer was voiced by Lauren Tom, while Claudia was voiced by Erica Hubbard for season 1 and Tempestt Bledsoe for season 2. (Jennifer spoke less in season 2, than she did in season 1.)
  • Coincidentally, the name "Claudia" was also used for one of the names for the Bimbettes from Beauty and the Beast, who similar to Jennifer and Claudia, were also a set of identical blonde sisters (in their case, triplets).


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