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Jenny a.k.a. Genevieve is a deleted character from the 2020 Disney / Pixar film, Onward. She is an adventurous teenage satyr who ended up accompanying Ian Lightfoot and Barley Lightfoot on their journey to fully resurrect their father and would have been the tritagonist.



Early versions of Onward have Jenny join Ian and Barley on their quest to retrieve the Phoenix Stone restore their partially resurrected father, Wilden Lightfoot. Jenny started off as a waitress for Corey the Manticore's tavern where she would have met the boys there and after the tavern catches fire, she dragged Ian out and gave them the map and they soon let her join them. Some deleted scenes shown on the movie's DVD features shows some misadventures she had with Ian and Barley like trying to get past a maze-like mall with some warning from talking trees, and she and Ian are hypnotized and nearly drown in a mudhole courtesy of some villainous sirens before Barley comes to their rescue.

Ultimately, she was cut from the movie altogether because the people working on Onward wanted to focus more on Ian and Barley and their brotherly relationship.


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