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Jenny Blake is the tritagonist of Disney's The Rocketeer. She is an aspiring actress and Cliff Secord's girlfriend.


The Rocketeer

Jenny is currently dating stunt pilot Cliff Secord, also known as The Rocketeer. They begin to have relationship issues after Cliff visits her on-set of a film and inadvertently causes an accident. Jenny is fired over Cliff's accident; however, Neville Sinclair, who is portraying the lead role of the production, overhears Cliff's attempt to tell Jenny about the rocket pack he found in his hanger. After Cliff leaves, Sinclair makes it up to Jenny and invites her to dinner at the famed South Seas Club. While on their date, Jenny is kidnapped by Sinclair. Sinclair tries to seduce Jenny at his villa, but she knocks him out and, trying to escape, discovers that he is a Nazi spy. Sinclair recaptures her and leaves a message for Cliff: bring the rocket pack to the Griffith Observatory that very night in exchange for Jenny's life. She is later rescued by Cliff. After Jenny is safe, she presents Peabody with the rocket blueprints she found in Sinclair's villa.

The Rocketeer (TV series)

While Jenny does not formally appear in the show, her photo is seen in Cliff's old plane in the episode "Scarlett's Search". Having kept it close, and the fact that Cliff had children, it can be assumed that she settled with him at some point.


  • In the original comic, Betty was a nude photograph model who was implied to fancy a Hollywood photographer, purely to make Cliff jealous. They had a testy relationship and would get back at each other.


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