Counselor Jerry, or Jerrys, are collectively the supporting characters in Disney/Pixar's 2020 animated feature film, Soul. They are the entirety of the universe condensed into forms humans can comprehend. Their true names are unknown, but they call themselves Jerry.


The Counselors at The Great Before—there are a number of them—are all known as Jerry. Cheery, optimistic and (mostly) all-knowing, the ubiquitous Counselors run The You Seminar very much like camp counselors, wrangling dozens of new human souls, awarding them unique personalities and helping them find their spark and graduate to Earth. Each Jerry is a unique expression of the universe itself—employing patience, good cheer and passive-aggressive tendencies in different measures. But all maintain boundless enthusiasm for their metaphysical charges.

Jerrys are a manifestation of dynamic energies, appearing in a comprehensible form, albeit abstract. Jerrys counsel and guide new souls and enlist mentors from the Great Beyond to be paired with soulmates. Jerrys interact with newborn and deceased souls, not those currently living on earth.


Jerry is the entirety of the universe condensed into a form humans can comprehend. Jerry has as many forms as it needs or wishes for managing every soul in existence before they are sent to Earth. They have a counterpart, Terry, who seems to be in charge of souls after death.

Most of the Jerrys show to be optimistic, helpful but most important kind to every soul no matter what, this was shown when they try to help a lost 22, and when they give Joe Gardner another chance to live.

Even do they work in the area of inspiration, they rarely get inspired, this happens because they probably know everything that exists in the universe and then being surprised can be difficult.


Jerry can change their forms fluidly and constantly. They usually appear as two-dimensional abstract humanoids in shades of translucent purple. They can grow limbs and change size and shape constantly.


Because they are transcendent beings, they possess different abilities that souls don't have (except for shapeshifting)

They can shape-shift and change their form at their will to any possible situation (hiding from people, carrying souls, etc).

They also can open portals to almost every part of the universe (Earth, The Great Beyond, The Great Before, etc.), however it is unknown if they can go across the great beyond portal and come back.


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