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Jesse Hall is a hockey player from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He played for the Ducks in The Mighty Ducks and D2 as forward (often known for his sharp shooting of the puck) and wore number 9. Jesse is the older brother of Terry Hall. Jesse acted as the leader of team in The Mighty Ducks and was suspicious of Coach Bombay when he first arrived, assuming that Bombay was a rich drug dealer trying to sell the team drugs. Jesse participated in many of the pranks that some of the players did prior to meeting Bombay. He is distrustful of new people, including Bombay and Adam Banks, and is known for his sarcastic, matter-of-fact comments. Jessie was part of the Team USA (Junior Goodwill Games), where he met and became good friends with Russ Tyler. It is unknown why he did not appear in D3. He is portrayed by Brandon Quintin Adams.

Playing Style

With the exception of Fulton Reed and Dean Portman, Jesse has shown to be a more physical player than his other teammates. Unlike his teammates, he will defend himself more against being hit and will also retaliate when one of his teammates is hit. He is also a leader on the ice, taking a lead role in many plays, including being the front player of the Flying V in the first two films.

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