Jesse Tuck is the ageless love interest of Winnie Foster in Tuck Everlasting.


Jesse will be an everlasting 17-year-old. He lives his life happily and freely, without fear. In comparison to his older brother, Miles, he has never known love until he meets Winnie Foster. Naive as he may be, he believes that it will all go alright and asks her to wait for him. However he comes back 80 years later.

Son of Angus and Mae Tuck, at 104 years of age, Jesse doesn't know yet, what he'll do with his life. He is a bit careless and falls 12 meters upon climbing a tree. Naive and romantic, he protects Winnie from her fear of drowning and even from Miles.

Jesse wants to travel the world and to find new bits of it. He sees more beauty in a wood than in the vies from the Eiffel Tower with its 1652 steps to the top, which he did climb.

Although Jesse lives as if he had all the time in the world (which in fact he does have) he lives his life, he doesn't just see it pass. He travels and has adventures and climbs all the steps to the Eiffel Tower so that he can appreciate more!


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