Jessica Sonya DiCicco is an American actress, voice actress, and singer who is best known for voicing Flame Princess in Adventure Time, sisters Lynn and Lucy Loud in The Loud House, Lexi Bunny in Loonatics Unleashed, and Annie Bramley in It's Pony, as well as the title character in Hanazuki: Full of Treasures, and Gwen Wu from The Mighty B!.

For Disney, she played Aimee Misch in the 1998 Disney film, In the Nick of Time. She also voiced Malina in the Disney Channel animated series The Emperor's New School, Maggie Pesky in The Buzz on Maggie, Danika Hunnicutt in American Dragon: Jake Long, Celebrity Starr in The Replacements, Lilac in the Pixie Hollow Games, Ruby the Darkslayer on the Disney XD series Motorcity, Tambry and .GIFfany in Gravity Falls, Toby in Sheriff Callie's Wild West, and Bug in Future-Worm!. DiCicco even provided the voices of many video game characters for Disney, such as Skater Girl in Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure and Olette in Kingdom Hearts II. In addition, she voices Summer Penguin in the reboot of Muppet Babies and April, May, and June in Legend of the Three Caballeros.

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