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This article is about the character from the Toy Story franchise. For the TV series, see Jessie (TV series).

You never forget kids like Emily, or Andy. But they forget you.
―Jessie to Woody[src]

Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl is one of the main characters of the DisneyPixar Toy Story franchise, making her first appearance in Toy Story 2. She is a vintage pull string cowgirl toy from the 1950s, the best buddy of Bullseye, and a former member of Woody's Roundup Gang who originally belonged to Emily. At first, Jessie only intends to be a collectible and dislikes the fact that Woody has an owner, Andy, and a space toy friend, Buzz, but when the cowboy and space ranger rescue Jessie from the plane bound for Japan, she accepts her true purpose: to be played with.

Over the years, Jessie continues to recognize her true purpose, but when she comes to the realization that Andy has grown up, Jessie assumes that she might be abandoned once again and doesn’t hesitate to convince the others to donate themselves to Sunnyside Daycare, which she later regrets. Eventually, she and her friends would be donated to Bonnie Anderson, and would become her new favorite toy.

When Woody reunites and departs with Bo Peep, Jessie becomes one of the two leaders of Bonnie's toys (the other being Dolly) and is given his sheriffs badge as a symbol of her leadership, while also honoring Woody's former position and memory.



Jessie is a friendly, sarcastic, and excitable cowgirl doll. She likes being loved by any child and has the power to yodel. She hates being in storage ― as it makes her claustrophobic ― and not having someone to love her.

A girl named Emily had once loved her until she gave her up and put her in a charity box, which emotionally scarred her forever. Because of this, she was eventually found by Al, and believed her true purpose was to become a permanent item at a museum in Tokyo, Japan. However, after Stinky Pete’s betrayal and being saved by Woody, she accepted her true purpose, and that was to be played with and to be there for her child.

Because of her abandonment issues and being in storage for many years, Jessie is severely claustrophobic and hates the idea of being in a box. However, she eventually confronts her fear after rescuing Woody from being shipped after she is sealed in a box. After conquering her fear, Jessie becomes more open-minded and is less scared of the idea of being in storage.[1]

After Woody finds Bo Peep and is reunited, he gives Jessie his sheriffs badge as a symbol of her future leadership. Though Jessie is saddened by Woody's departure, she accepts his decision to stay with Bo Peep and shares one last hug with him before they go their separate ways. Because she is Bonnie’s favorite toy, Jessie presumes leadership of her toys and takes Woody’s place as the new leader, while also wearing his badge in his memory.

Official description

Jessie is a rough-and-tumble cowgirl doll with a passion for yodeling. Since abandoned by her original owner, she's sensitive to being left behind; however, she's also an incredibly optimistic member of Andy's toy gang.[2]


Jessie's original concept artwork from Toy Story 2.

Jessie wasn't planned to appear in the film Toy Story 2, as she was originally a cactus named Señorita Cactus, who was supposed to be one of the main antagonists of the film. However, John Lasseter's wife Nancy suggested that in Toy Story 2 that there should be a strong female character, which soon led to the creation of Jessie. The cactus was soon deleted and removed from the film and was replaced by a cowgirl doll.

Because of her popularity and strong lead in Toy Story 2, Jessie would later be honored with the Patsy Montana Entertainer Award from the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Jessie would also go on to be the main protagonist of the short film Toy Story of Terror!.

In Toy Story 4, Josh Cooley explains Bonnie’s favorite toy is Jessie, and she soon rejects Woody. She even goes on to give Jessie Woody’s badge and claim her to be the sheriff. This idea was inspired by his own daughter, who preferred her Jessie doll more than Woody. This was also shown in Toy Story of Terror! and also foreshadowed some of the events in Toy Story 4, although it wouldn’t be released for another six years.

Physical appearance

Like Woody, Jessie is a lanky cowgirl rag doll. She has red hair braided with a yellow bow, green eyes, and a matching felt hat with white lace. Her outfits consist of a white long-sleeved western-style shirt with both yellow blouse and cuffs that have red doodles, blue jeans, a belt made from brown plastic with a buckle made from gold plastic, white chaps that have cow spots all over, cowgirl boots made from brown plastic, and a pull string on her back with a white loop attached to it. As of Toy Story 4, she now owns Woody’s sheriff badge while also wearing a red wide-brimmed western hat with a white stripe around it (which she had worn in the previous films).


  • Yodeling: During the TV segments of Woody’s Roundup, Jessie is shown to have the power of yodeling, which she uses to summon critters and small animals her way. This action is also used when Andy plays with her during playtime, which she uses to summon a giant Rex. Jessie also uses this ability in the real world, especially when she and her friends tried escaping Sunnyside Daycare. This is also one of Jessie's signature moves in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.
  • Leadership: Jessie is shown to be a strong and compassionate leader who seems to take inspiration from Woody. During her time with Andy, Jessie didn’t lead as much as Buzz and Woody, but did convince the toys to donate themselves to Sunnyside (although it being a bad idea). Later, after being held by Ron at a hotel, Jessie takes leadership “advise” from Combat Carl, which she later uses to save Woody and get Bonnie’s attention. Some time later, Jessie becomes more self-aware and becomes Bonnie’s new favorite toy. Because of this, Woody gives Jessie his badge before his departure to symbolize her new leadership (considering she’s Bonnie’s favorite), and learns to follow in his footsteps.
  • Strategist: Jessie appears to have excellent plans and ideas, especially when it comes to distractions. During Bonnie and her family’s road trip, Jessie realizes they are about to leave without Forky, Woody, and Buzz and gives them enough time by popping a tire with a needle point. Later, still not having enough time, Jessie would also come up with another plan involving Trixie portraying the voice of a GPS, causing the family to turn back around.
  • Dancing: Jessie appears to be a joyful dancer, as she is seen dancing with Woody before the flight to Japan, and dancing with Buzz during the end credits sequence in Toy Story 3.
  • Pull-string action: Although her voice box is never heard throughout the franchise, Jessie, like Woody and Stinky Pete, has a pull-sting action that allows her to say up to ten different phrases.


Toy Story 2

Jessie, along with Bullseye in Toy Story 2.

In Toy Story 2, she is the second toy that Woody meets in Al McWhiggin's apartment after Bullseye and before Stinky Pete the Prospector. She is sassy, sweet, cute, athletic, and has a habit of yodeling when happy or excited. They reveal to Woody that he is a vintage Sheriff Woody collectible doll and the star of a forgotten children's TV show, Woody's Roundup. After watching an episode of when Woody has to save her and Pete being trapped in an abandoned mine & Pete accidentally lit a stick of dynamite thinking it was a candle, she turns it off, and Pete tells Woody that the show was canceled after the launch of Sputnik 1 led children to become more interested in Space Toys. When they revealed that they're going to the Konishi Toy Museum in Tokyo, Japan, Woody refuses to go since he still has an owner and has no intention of going there with the Roundup Gang. Jessie begins to hyperventilate for fear that she'll go back into storage again. She then begins to mock Woody for still having an owner. When Al went back to his apartment with his camera and placing the toys, Woody's arm was ripped when the string was caught.

Jessie in Emily's room as shown in a flashback.

That night, after Woody's attempt to retrieve his ripped-off arm is foiled when the TV suddenly turned on, causing Al to wake up and put Woody back in his case. Woody angrily accuses Jessie of turning on the TV, to which Jessie responds by fighting Woody. The Prospector breaks up the fight, and Jessie still feels bitter about Woody caring only about Andy. The next day, after Woody's arm, has been fixed, Jessie sarcastically lets Woody leave, but the Prospector convinces Woody to speak with Jessie to make amends. When Woody talks to Jessie, she tells him the story about Emily (seen during the "When She Loved Me" musical sequence), a little girl that had been her owner. Throughout her years as Emily's toy, Jessie has enjoyed being played with, such as being taken for horseback riding, a drive-in her car, and a swing on a tire. However, years have passed, and Emily has found more mature activities to do, forgetting about Jessie until finding her under the bed one day. Jessie had spent one more time in the car with Emily, only for Emily to place her in a charity box, leaving her shocked and heartbroken that she has been given away. Being in a box for a long period of time, Jessie has developed claustrophobia. After hearing that story, she said that "you never forget kids like Emily and Andy, but they forget you". Woody felt sorry for Jessie, but she tells him to go, but with more of the Prospector's convincing, Woody, thinking that the same fate will happen to him as Andy grows up, warms up to the idea of going to the museum, and Jessie's feelings of bitterness and sadness brighten up to happiness and excitement. Later that day, they have a little fun by making a show with Woody, who accidentally falls off Bullseye, then Jessie tries to help, but soon tickles him after he stated that he is ticklish.

Woody's friends, Buzz, Potato Head, Slinky Dog, and Hamm, burst through the air vent using Rex's head. Slink ties Jessie & Bullseye so they can escape with Woody, but they were stopped by Andy's Buzz, which the other one was a Utility Belt Buzz from Al's Toy Barn. Woody refuses to go back to Andy & his friends left. But after watching a video of him singing "You Got a Friend in Me" on the TV, Woody decides to go back to Andy so he wouldn't miss him growing up, but not until offering to take the Roundup gang with him back to Andy's house after having a change of heart and deciding to go back to Andy's room with Buzz and the other toys. Jessie initially feels uncertain, but Stinky Pete, now showing his true colors, locks them in Al's apartment. He even turned off the TV revealing that last night, he turned it on and framed Jessie. Jessie is angered and shocked by Stinky Pete's betrayal. Woody and Jessie try to stand up to the Prospector, only to learn that the Prospector has never been sold from a dime store shelf, which makes him feel more determined to get himself and the others to Japan, where he believes he will finally be appreciated. Al started to come & Jessie, Bullseye & Woody were packed up to be taken with Al to the airport.

At the airport, Buzz and the toys save Woody and get rid of the evil Prospector, but are unable to free Jessie from the case, despite Bullseye being able to escape, as the case gets loaded into a plane bound for Japan. Woody whistles for Bullseye, whom he and Buzz mount and gallop across the airfield to rescue Jessie.

Woody and Jessie attempt to escape a bound plane for Japan.

Woody, after being separated from Buzz again, follows the case into the plane's cargo hold. There, Woody again offers to take Jessie back to Andy's house. She initially fears that Andy will not like her, but Woody tells her that it will not be so bad because Andy has a little sister. Excited, she agrees to go with Woody and the other toys, but the doors close, and she gets trapped in the plane. Finding another escape route, they exit the plane. But Woody slips, prompting Jessie to grab hold of Woody's arm. Using his pull-string, Woody and Jessie swing down from the plane and land on Bullseye right behind Buzz, finally completing the mission just seconds before the plane takes off. As they celebrate their success, Jessie describes Woody rescuing her as "Woody's finest hour".

Jessie and Bullseye become Andy's toys.

Back at Andy's room, when Andy comes home from Cowboy Camp, he is pleased to see Jessie and Bullseye added into his toy collection, calling them Bazooka Jane and her jet-propelled horse. With Andy's name printed on the bottom of her boot, Jessie is overjoyed to feel appreciated again. Buzz clearly, but nervously, develops a crush on her and the two enter a relationship somewhat similar to the way Woody and Bo Peep have done before Jessie shows off as she uses the Hot Wheels car and track to reach the doorknob to open it and let Buster out to use the bathroom. The two couples are seen standing together as they enjoy watching a newly-fixed Wheezy sing "You've Got a Friend in Me".

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

Jessie appears as a minor and silent character in this film. She is present before and after the movie begins and ends.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Jessie appears as a recurring, cameo, and minor character in the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command TV series.

Toy Story 3

Jessie during Andy's playtime in Toy Story 3.

In Toy Story 3, she is first shown in an opening sequence taking place in the Wild West. When Woody is knocked off the train by bandits One-Eyed Bart and Betty (Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head's characters, respectively), Woody is seen riding on Bullseye behind Jessie as they chase after the train. After Bart explodes a railroad bridge and escapes with One-Eyed Betty and their stolen loot on a Corvette that the Aliens are driving, Jessie and Woody rush over to stop the train to save the orphans aboard. Woody jumps into the locomotive and pulls on the brakes, but the train goes off the bridge and into a ravine, leaving Jessie to assume that Woody has died, along with the orphans. But then, to Jessie's surprise, the train shoots out of the ravine, lifted up by Buzz. Woody, Buzz, and Jessie then attempt to stop the criminals, but they are interrupted by a spaceship controlled by Evil Dr. Porkchop (Hamm's character), who warps the criminals back into the spaceship and executes Death by Monkeys to capture the three heroes. As One-Eyed Bart prepares to finish them off, the scene cuts to Andy's room, revealing that the sequence has actually taken place in Andy's imagination.

During the main events of the film, Jessie continues to have fond affections toward Buzz. When Andy attempts to put her and the other toys in the attic, she and the others do not realize that his mom accidentally threw them out and refused to listen to Woody. To keep herself from reliving the trauma life she had when thrown out by Emily, she convinces the other toys to go to Sunnyside Daycare.

Jessie and the others realize Woody won't be staying.

She is excited to learn that the children at Sunnyside are replaced with new children when they get older, meaning that they will always be played with no matter what. She tries to convince Woody into staying, but he turns down the offer and calls her 'selfish', leaving to go back to Andy alone. This hurts Jessie. After recess ends, she and the other toys realize that they have been put in a room where the children that, roughly but innocently, abuse them and are too young to even handle them. Jessie groans in disgust when she sees the paint in her hair. Later, after Buzz disappears to talk to Lotso, Mrs. Potato Head sees Andy with the eye that she left in Andy's room. Jessie and the other toys realize that Woody was right, that Andy still wanted them. They decide to return home to Andy but are imprisoned by Lotso, who had Buzz reprogrammed and think that he is a space ranger again, turning him against them. Buzz sets down the prison standards (she actually angrily tells him she understands), and in order to make sure they obey them, Lotso gives them Woody's hat (which he left behind). This causes Jessie and the others to believe Lotso killed Woody.

The next morning, Jessie and Bullseye are the ones who have been mourning Woody's apparent "death". Jessie also appeared to be mourning greatly as she felt her decisions had cost both Buzz and Woody. When Woody returns to rescue them, after hearing a sad story about Sunnyside and Lotso by one of Bonnie's toys named Chuckles, Jessie and the others are super happy to see that he's still alive and give him his hat. Jessie apologizes for not listening and Woody apologizes for leaving. Jessie also states that they need to get Woody back to Andy before he leaves college, to which Mr. Potato Head agrees. They make a plan to escape and Jessie is soon reunited with Buzz, who had been reset to the Spanish mode of his space ranger self; a romantic version of Buzz who is far more outspoken about his feelings for Jessie, the reset had temporarily erased his memories. At first, she is uncomfortable with the change but finds that she also rather likes this romantic version, too.

Jessie and Bullseye in Toy Story 3.

The toys then make their way to the dumpster but are cornered by Lotso and his minions. When Lotso politely invites them to rejoin Sunnyside, Jessie angrily replies by retorting that Sunnyside isn't a family but a prison and calls Lotso a liar and a bully and states that she'd rather rot in the dumpster than return to Sunnyside. Barbie also comes through, supporting her claim with an understanding of civics. Woody then brings up the subject of Daisy, much to the disgust of the other Sunnyside toys, who dispose of Lotso in a garbage bin as punishment for his cruelty and wrongful authority. When Andy's toys climb to safety, Lotso somehow catches Woody and pulls him by the ankle into the bin, prompting Jessie and the others to save him. When they get stuck in a garbage truck, Buzz saves Jessie but is soon flattened by a television. Thinking that he is dead, she starts to despair, but Buzz reawakens to his normal self, not remembering what happened before being set to Demo mode and Spanish mode. They soon fall into a landfill and end up falling down an incinerator. As they accept their fate of doom, they are saved by the squeeze-toy aliens, who had run off to the giant "claw".

They all return to Andy's house and, with Woody's intervention, are donated to Bonnie, the girl that found Woody outside of Sunnyside. Jessie and the others are all played with by Andy one last time and quickly adjusts to her new life with Bonnie. Towards the very end, she takes advantage of Buzz's new Spanish side, and they dance together to "Hay Un Amigo En Mi" (the Spanish version of "You've Got a Friend in Me").

Toy Story Toons

"Hawaiian Vacation"

Jessie, Barbie, and Ken in Hawaiian Vacation.

Jessie, Woody, and Buzz get the idea to turn Bonnie's room into a Polynesian paradise after Ken and Barbie fail to sneak into Bonnie's luggage. Jessie greets them and dresses in Hawaiian fashion, giving the couple a tour. She also helps to unfreeze Barbie and Ken after they got frozen in the snow.

"Small Fry"

Jessie appears when Rex returns from the restaurant with a smaller version of Buzz, who only wants to be played with, while also making sure the real Buzz is left behind. Worried, Jessie and Woody demand to know where the real Buzz Lightyear is, and the small Buzz refuses to tell them. While the toys come up with a plan, small Buzz is restrained and attempts to make small talk with Jessie, while also flirting with her. Annoyed, Jessie rolls out a sigh. When the real Buzz returns, she is excited to see him, and exclaims her excitement.

"Partysaurus Rex"

Rex is chastised by Mr. Potato Head and the other toys for his clumsiness. Jessie can be seen before the bath, where she witnesses the popping of the bubble. She is also present when the tub floods and gets all of the other toys wet, and can be seen drying herself off moments later.

Toy Story of Terror!

Jessie, alongside Mr. Jones, in Toy Story of Terror!.

Jessie returns in the Halloween special as the protagonist. During a road trip, she is reminded of her traumatizing years in storage after she gets trapped in a small toolbox.

Eventually, they stay in a motel for the night with the Andersons. When everyone leaves the suitcase, Jessie is left behind and starts to experience her claustrophobia once more. She leaves the bag panting and breathing heavily, and runs into Buzz. While looking for Mr. Potato Head, they come across a slimy substance and begin to investigate, that is, until Trixie falls down a vent, causing the toys to go after her.

Eventually, Rex and Mr. Pricklepants are taken away, leaving her, Buzz, and Woody by themselves. Scared, they run until they can no longer, and come across Mr. Potato Head’s arm, and points up towards the vent above them.

The vent leads them to a bathroom where Woody and Buzz are eventually taken away. In panic, Jessie shouts their names before being shoved to the side by Combat Carl, who explains to Jessie that the thing getting to them is very dangerous. Soon after, Combat Carl is dragged away and Jessie hides in the shower, and notices the shadow of the creature getting closer to her. Eventually, when the creature finds Jessie, her worries go away, only to notice it’s a lizard named Mr. Jones.

Not long after, Jessie is taken away to Ronald Tompkins, the hotel manager, and is listed for sale on the internet. Jessie is then placed in a translucent display case behind his office and is reunited with the toys and some new. Not long after, Woody is instantly sold and taken away and packaged. The toys worry, and Jessie is also sold, and is set outside the case temporarily. She then attempts to free the other toys but fails, only come to the realization that she’ll need Woody’s help to unlock it. With the help of a fellow toy, he helps Jessie into a package where she can get to Woody faster, but to not seal it with tape. Although the toy does not do so, she is eventually sealed by the delivery woman. In fear, Jessie searches around the box for a way out, while repeating the phrase “Jessie never gives up, Jessie finds a way.” Jessie then finds a paper clip and opens up the package, finds Woody, and ultimately gets Bonnie’s attention before the Andersons leave.

Jessie and the rest of the toys are then placed in Bonnie’s suitcase and are brought to the trunk of the car, where the toys congratulate Jessie for saving them the way she did.

Toy Story That Time Forgot

Jessie and the others greet the toys back.

Jessie briefly appears in the Christmas special as a minor character. Before she leaves for a play date, Bonnie briefly plays with Jessie and some of her other toys. When Trixie is upset that she wasn’t playing with her, Jessie assures Trixie that she will be played with next time, and that she doesn’t always have to be a dinosaur anyway. When Bonnie returns to the living room to pick a few toys with her, Jessie falls to the floor and awaits Bonnie's return.

After Bonnie returns from her playdate, Jessie greets the toys back at home. Jessie and the other toys listen to Angel Kitty’s inspirational quote before she vanishes without a trace, leaving Jessie and the others speechless and confused.

Toy Story 4

Jessie and the others attempt to save RC.

Jessie returns in the fourth film. In a flashback set nine years prior to the third and fourth film, Jessie and Bullseye watch through Andy's window on his desk as a storm approaches when thunder and a streak of a lightning strike down, startling the cowgirl and scaring her horse. Jessie says that it's raining cats and dogs outside, and hopes that Andy and the gang made it back inside alright as she comforts Bullseye by petting him. Just then, Hamm yells from the floor that Andy's coming, causing them to go limp. A drenched Andy comes in with the rest of the gang in his arms and drops them onto his bed. His mother calls him for dinner and proceeds to go downstairs. Woody and the gang soon spring up in a panic since Andy accidentally left RC out in the storm. Jessie helps Woody up to the desk and they look through the window to see the race car but to no avail. Woody then assigns Buzz, Jessie, and Slinky to follow him to Molly's room while the rest of the gang stays put. After crossing the hallway and avoiding being seen by Molly, Woody ushers the others that the coast is clear as he climbs onto Molly's nightstand to talk to Bo and her sheep, Billy, Goat, and Gruff. As her sheep raise the blinds to window, the others look through and Jessie asks where is RC. A streak of lightning reveals the car trapped in the storm drain. Woody and Bo decide to perform "Operation Pull Toy": After making a makeshift seesaw with a book and Molly's rainbow armadillo toy, Jessie stands on one side while the trio of Barbies charge towards them and lands on the other side of the book, catapulting Jessie to the top of the window to unlock it. As she drops down, Woody, Buzz, and Bo lift up the window. Bo asks for the flashlight, to which Jessie turns it on and shines it onto the struggling RC. Woody proceeds to grab Slinky and climb down to reach RC. However, Slinky is nearly pulled to his limit and not even using Woody's pull-string as an extra rope can reach the racecar. But Bo thankfully uses the Barrel of Monkeys in time and Woody finally pulls RC out of the drain. Just then, a car approaches into the Davis' driveway as the trio is pulled back by the others and a mysterious man runs into the house. As RC is pulled in from the storm, the light turns on, and the toys all collapse. Woody climbs up Slinky's coils to see what's going on, but Mrs. Davis shuts the window before he can get in, leaving the cowboy and half of Slinky outside. Woody then watches in horror as Bo, her sheep, and the lamp they are attached to are put in a box for the mysterious man to buy, since Molly doesn't want it anymore. As they leave, Jessie and Buzz spring up and lift the window up to bring in Slinky, only to find Woody gone. It can be assumed Jessie and the others were saddened from Bo's departure. She is then seen throughout the "You've Got a Friend in Me" sequence, being played with by Andy, being donated to Bonnie, and being played with by Bonnie.

Nine years later and two years after the third film, Jessie now lives with the rest of the toys, with Bonnie being their new owner. She first appears with the rest of the gang waiting in the closet for Bonnie to finish breakfast. She is seen sitting on Bullseye as Woody reminds her to do her breathing exercises for her anxiety. Along with many of the other toys, she is played with more prominently than Woody, who Bonnie neglects. When she pulls out toys from her closet to play "town", she picks up Woody, only to take his sheriff pin off of him and throw him back into the closet. Woody watches in disappointment as Bonnie plays with "Sheriff" Jessie and Bullseye and pins his sheriff pin on her instead. As she plays "Hat Shop", Bonnie's father comes into her room and tells Bonnie that she needs to get ready for her kindergarten orientation, much to her disdain. She asks her father if she can bring a toy (namely Jessie) with her, but Mr. Anderson says toys don't go to school. After leaving the room, the toys begin to stand up when Dolly tells everyone to freeze, as Bonnie always forgets something and could be back any second. Woody comes out of the closet, where Buzz comforts Woody for not being picked while Jessie immediately gives back his badge. While Woody appreciates the sympathy and claims that he's fine, Jessie and Buzz give each other worried looks.

Much to the toy's disagreement, Woody sneaks into Bonnie's backpack to make sure her day goes well after seeing Bonnie hide and cry under her bed, where she creates a literal "new friend" that she names Forky created out of trash Woody fetched out from the garbage. When Bonnie returns home and drops off her backpack in her room, Woody climbs out and is scolded by the gang, with Jessie saying that he could've been lost. But Woody alleviates the situation by saying not only did Bonnie have a great day in class and they're going on a road trip (to which she hugs Bullseye in excitement), she also made Forky. Like the rest of the gang, Jessie is both confused and shocked by Forky's existence and his love of trash. While Woody states that everyone has to make sure nothing happens to Forky from now on, Jessie interrupts him and says something has already happened to him. Woody turns around to find Forky throwing himself into Bonnie's wastebasket. As Woody fishes him out, he states he'll keep an eye on him during the road trip before all of them collapse as Bonnie enters the room to play with Forky, and Woody proceeds to throw the spork back onto her bed throughout the night after repeatedly throwing himself out.

She is then seen silently throughout the "I Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away" sequence as Woody constantly keeps Forky from throwing himself out. During one night, however, Forky sneaks out of Bonnie's hands while she and everyone else is asleep and jumps out the window of the RV, claiming that he is not a toy. Woody tells the gang that he is going after him and that they will meet them at the carnival the RV is heading to, much to the toy's shock.

Jessie in Toy Story 4.

The next morning, the toys look for Woody from the R.V. window while Jessie and Buzz watch a sleeping Bonnie hold a regular spoon the toys slipped into her hand as a substitute for Forky. Jessie says that maybe they should have gone with a fork, but Buzz insists that the spoon is safer. The spoon works to no avail, as Bonnie is distraught since she has lost her favorite toy. Buzz volunteers to go after him after listening to his "inner voice" (AKA, his voice box) while Jessie and the gang watch out for Bonnie.

That afternoon, Woody, Bo, Giggle, and Bo's sheep climb the roof of the Antique Store to rescue Forky. Bo asks how Woody is with his new kid, to which Woody says that Bonnie's great and that Jessie is loving it. Shocked, Bo asks excitedly if Jessie is still with him, and Woody confirms that the whole gang is still together.

Meanwhile, back at the RV, Bonnie sobs as they cannot find Forky anywhere. Her parents sympathetically tell her they'll look outside one more time, but then they have to leave. As they step outside, Jessie and Dolly rise up and tell the group the family is about to leave. The gang begins to panic, and Mrs. Potato Head screams what should they do. Jessie says they have to stop them, but Dolly asks how. After Buttercup and Rex pitch mundane ideas, Jessie thinks of something and quickly jumps out the window. Rex calls out for her as the others watch in shock. Jessie lands on her feet, grabs her fallen hat, and quickly hides behind the RV tire. She scans her surroundings until she notices something, causing her to put her hat on tightly and sneak walk across. While Mrs. Anderson says to Bonnie that they need to get going and Bonnie asks if they can leave a note for Forky, the family hears a pop on the other side. They soon discover the front left tire popped, causing Mr. Anderson to curse under his breath while Mrs. Anderson quickly takes Bonnie towards the carnival and shops. Jessie returns with a coy look on her face and a nail as the confused toys look out the window. The group gathers around as Dolly asks what did she do, to which Jessie simply says while holding the nail, "We're not going anywhere if you get my point!" causing the toys to cheer in victory.

However, by the time night falls, Buzz and Woody are still not back with Forky, and Mr. Anderson has finally fixed the flat tire. Jessie worriedly asks Dolly where Woody could be as she looks out the window, but Buzz suddenly appears and startles everyone. As Jessie helps him inside, Buzz explains that Woody and Forky must be extracted from the Antique Store. Rex asks how they do that, but the Andersons walk into the RV, and the toys collapse. Buzz whispers that Bonnie will soon notice that she left her backpack at the Antique Store, and they'll head back there. But Bonnie doesn't notice, and the RV begins to drive off. Buzz then uses his voicebox and his "inner voice" once again to think of a plan. Mrs. Anderson believes Buzz to be broke and throws him in a drawer when Buzz quickly yells out to Bonnie (in a way to sound like one of his phrases): "Your backpack is at the Antique Store: Let's go!" This works, and Bonnie says she left her backpack at the store and her disgruntled father turns the RV around.

Later that evening, Bonnie sleeps in her booster seat as Forky, in her hand, explains to the confused toys that Woody said to meet him at the carousel. As they ponder on how to get the RV back to the carnival, Jessie overhears the voice of the GPS and says that she has an idea.

The plan is for Mrs. Potato Head and Trixie to hide under the island between the front seats. Buzz sits on top of the RV with Mrs. Potato Head's ear. As he tells her the directions through the said ear, she repeats it to Trixie, who mimics the GPS and tells Mr. Anderson where to go. When Mr. Anderson is about to turn the RV around, Mrs. Potato Head covers Trixie's mouth and ushers over Buttercup, who is shoved under Mr. Anderson's seat by Jessie and sneaks under the gas pedal to pull it forward. Due to Buttercup causing the RV to go back and forth and Mrs. Potato Head and Trixie fiddling around with the wires, the Andersons are chased after by the police until they eventually reach their destination at the carousel.

Jessie and the others say goodbye to Woody.

As the Andersons step out of the RV to deal with the police, Jessie and the others look out the window to see the commotion when they notice Buzz opening the ceiling window. He tells everyone to get moving to the top side of the RV but tells Forky he has a very important job for him: locking the frustrated Andersons out of the RV. Meanwhile, the toys stack themselves up to reach the switch for the awning, with Jessie hoisting Dolly up on her shoulders. Once they open the awning, Buzz soon leads Jessie by hand as she and the older toys recognize their old friend, Bo Peep. As Bo says her name, her face lights up, causing her to say hers as the two embrace. Then Woody silently takes off his sheriff's badge and places it on Jessie's chest. Confused, she looks at him, but he simply smiles and nods reassuringly. Tearfully, she picks Woody up and hugs him tightly, leading the rest of the classic gang to join in on one final hug. As they laugh and break apart, Woody notices Buzz, and the two share one final hug. Soon, Forky joins the group, and he and Woody hug as well. As the group watches, Buzz suddenly asks who's watching the doors. Sure enough, the RV engine begins to start, causing the two groups to run in separate directions. After Mrs. Anderson straps in Bonnie, she notices the awning and frustratingly goes to turn it off, causing the toys to land onto the bed through the ceiling window. Bonnie turns around but simply smiles at her toys. The group then watches Bo and Woody at the top of the carousel through the window as Rex asks if this means Woody is a lost toy. Buzz says, "He's not lost . . . not anymore." As Jessie places her hand on Buzz's back, Buzz quietly says, "To infinity . . ." while Woody (at the top of the carousel) finishes the line, ". . . and beyond."

One year later, Bonnie returns from her first day of first grade and drops her backpack. As Jessie (now Bonnie's favorite toy and the new leader of the gang) climbs out, Dolly announces her return and the group soon barrages her with questions. Jessie interrupts all of them and says that Bonnie had a great day in first grade, and even made a new friend in class. Rex naively coos at how Bonnie is already making friends, but Jessie corrects him, saying she made a new friend. She soon coaxes and pulls out Karen Beverly, a dolled-up plastic knife. The shocked toys back away to reveal a lovestruck Forky. They then watch as the spork introduces himself.

Pixar Popcorn

"To Fitness and Beyond"

Jessie, alongside many others, in Pixar Popcorn.

Jessie appears as an extra in this episode where Buzz tries to teach Bonnie’s toys how to get fit. Thinking that he has failed to teach them, Buzz walks off before the music is turned back on, and everyone continues to jump back into the training but doing their own training. Jessie can be seen joining the toys near the end, where she is excitedly dancing and eventually jumps up into the air with the rest of the toys, closing out the episode.

Other appearances

In Monsters, Inc., Jessie appears as one of Boo’s toys, which she temporarily gives to Sulley.

In Meet the Robinsons, Jessie appears on a poster, alongside Woody and Bullseye.

In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Jessie appears in a picture surrounded by clouds near the Pixar area.

Video games

Toy Story 2: The Video Game

Jessie appears in only 2 levels in the game. She first appears in Al's Penthouse, asking you to find all of her critters for a Pizza Planet token. She then appears at the final level of the game, standing at Al's luggage along with Woody.

Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure

Jessie appears as a playable character in this game.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Jessie appears as one of the three playable characters (excluding Zurg) in the Toy Story 3 video game. The player can take control of either Woody, Buzz, or Jessie and play the game third person while trying to complete several missions, both in story mode and in Toy Box mode.

Kinect: Disneyland Adventures

Jessie appears in the game as a meet-and-greet character at the Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland. She also asks the player to help track down some rustlers that are supposedly in the area.

Disney Tsum Tsum

Jessie in Tsum Tsum.

Jessie appears as a character in Disney Tsum Tsum.

Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure

Jessie appears as a character in the Toy Story land of this game. In the third level of the Toy Story world, Jessie will appear and helps to escort Mr. Pricklepants back home. She can later be called in any of the Toy Story missions.

Disney Infinity series

Jessie appears in Disney Infinity as a playable character. She is part of the Toy Story in Space Play Set along with Buzz.

Disney Emoji Blitz

Jessie can be unlocked in this game after opening a golden chest.

Disney Crossy Road

Jessie appears as a playable character in Disney Crossy Road. She is an epic character that can be unlocked after Bullseye has collected 50 cherries (or purchased).

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Jessie appears as a character in this game. When unlocked, Jessie will walk though the customized Disney land and will be given quests to complete.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Jessie appears as a playable character in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Once Jessie is unlocked, the player will be able to use her during battles and missions.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena

Jessie is an unlockable character in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena.


The Disney Wiki has an article focusing on the relationships of Jessie.


The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Jessie.


  • It is debated about Jessie and Buzz over which one of them is the deuteragonist of Toy Story 3. Many fans believe it was Jessie since she related more to Woody's internal problem of being out grown by Andy, that and the fact that Buzz spent most of his time-screen brainwashed and under Lotso's control.
  • Before Joan Cusack was even chosen for the role of Jessie, her brother John was one of the many candidates originally considered for the role of Woody before Tom Hanks was picked.
  • Due to being in storage for so long, Jessie suffers from claustrophobia throughout the series. The slightest thought of being put in storage causes her to hyperventilate. Though she overcomes this fear in Toy Story of Terror!, she is still shown doing breathing exercises in the fourth film while in Bonnie's closet.
  • Given that other toys were not seen in Jessie's flashback beyond a small collection of realistic horses, it is implied that she was Emily's only toy, which is possibly another reason for her fears.
  • Unlike Woody, Jessie's pull-string voice box is never heard or used throughout the series, though it possibly had nine phrases like Woody and Stinky Pete with one of them being her trademark yodel. It could also be possible that it was either broken or the batteries for it died (though all Jessie dolls in real life have operable pull-strings).
  • When Jessie first meets Woody, she exclaims, "Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln!" Abraham Lincoln's mother was Nancy Hanks, a blood relative of Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is a direct descendant of an uncle of Nancy Hanks.[3]
  • When Jessie fights Woody after he accuses her of turning on the TV, Jessie's position (pinning Woody on the ground, foot on his back, pulling his arms back) is the same as Buzz's when he fights Woody underneath Andy's car at the gas station in Toy Story.
  • John Lasseter's wife Nancy suggested that in Toy Story 2 that there should be a strong female character, which soon led to the creation of Jessie. She was originally going to be a cactus called Señorita Cactus, but it was decided later on that she would be a cowgirl.[4]
  • She is portrayed by Devon Dawson as a special guest on the album Woody's Roundup: A Rootin' Tootin' Collection of Woody's Favorite Songs and in Riders in the Sky concerts.
  • Jessie's cameo in Monsters, Inc. later influenced the Monsters, Inc. comic mini-series Laugh Factory, where Boo's Jessie doll is prominently featured in the third installment, "Toy Worry". In that story, Sid, using the monsters' door-traveling technology, steals Jessie from Boo while she isn't looking, as he is trying to "save" other kids from being terrorized by living toys like he was. After Mike and Sulley return Boo's Jessie doll to her at the end, they scoff at the idea of toys coming to life, but Boo's Jessie doll gives a knowing wink to the reader.
  • Jessie is the only female toy in Andy's room who solely belongs to Andy, while the other female toys, such as Bo Peep, her sheep, Mrs. Potato Head, and Barbie belong to Molly.
  • With Woody confirming to Gabby Gabby that he was made in the late 1950s, it is possible that Jessie (along with Bullseye and the Prospector) is approximately 60+ years old.
  • Even though he is Woody's horse, Bullseye is more attached to Jessie. Whenever Bullseye is around, she usually has an arm around him. Other times during dramatic situations, he hides behind her, or Jessie holds him close.
  • Jessie was honored with the Patsy Montana Entertainer Award from the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.
  • Buzz and Jessie's dance moves during the end credits of Toy Story 3 are choreographed by Tony Dovolani and Cheryl Burke of Dancing with the Stars.
  • Like Buzz in the first movie and Woody in the second, Jessie in Toy Story 3 looks at Andy's name under her boot to be reminded how much she meant to him, making her retreat greatly for leaving him for nothing.
  • In Toy Story 2, Andy names Jessie "Bazooka Jane". But in Toy Story 3, when Andy introduces Bonnie to her, he calls her by her real name. It is unknown how Andy learned her real name, but it is possible that he found out about Woody's Roundup and learned her name. It is also possible that like real Jessie dolls, one of her pull string quotes does include her saying her name.
    • Another thing which makes it possible Andy heard about Woody's Roundup is the fact in the show she can summon animals by yodeling, which she does when Andy plays with her at the beginning of Toy Story 3.
  • In Toy Story 4, Jessie is shown to be Bonnie's favorite toy, being played with prominently. In the director's commentary for the film, director Josh Cooley explains this was inspired after his own daughter's love for her Jessie doll and her negligence to her Woody doll. This has alluded to both in the installments and specials.
    • At the end of the third film, as Andy gives away his toys, Jessie (mounted on Bullseye) is the first to be given to Bonnie. As Bonnie shyly takes Jessie and Bullseye, she fixes the doll's crooked hat and touches her face, smiling.
    • In Toy Story of Terror!, after Jessie reveals that the hotel manager Ron is a toy thief, Mrs. Anderson takes back Bonnie's toys. Bonnie is especially happy to have Jessie back, putting her hat back on, hugging her tightly, and personally carrying her as she walks out with her mother.
    • In the fourth film, Bonnie plays "town", and casts Jessie as the sheriff. She takes off Woody's badge and pins it on Jessie.
    • As Mr. Anderson tells Bonnie to get ready for orientation, Bonnie asks if she can bring a toy (namely Jessie) with her.
    • As Woody talks to Bo about Bonnie, he says that Jessie especially is "loving it".

      Jessie as a Funko Pop! from 2011

    • In the end credits, Jessie attends first-grade orientation with Bonnie (though it's unknown if Bonnie willingly brought her or she stowed away like Woody).
  • Even though Bo Peep is Woody's love interest and Buzz Lightyear is Jessie's, many licensed products feature Jessie and Woody paired up. So much so that there are couples costumes of Woody and Jessie that couples wear.[5]
  • Like Woody, Buzz, and Bullseye, Jessie now has Bonnie's name written on her boot, as of Toy Story 4.
  • There have been numerous books (including the recent Woody's Augmented Reality Adventure book) that say Woody and Jessie have a sibling-like relationship.


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Alice Through the Looking Glass: Alice KingsleighDormouseTweedledee and TweedledumCheshire CatBandersnatchBayardWhite QueenMarch HareWhite RabbitMad HatterAbsolemTimeWilkinsHumpty DumptyRed QueenBorogroveFrog Delivery ManGentleman FishVegetable SoldierVegetable ServantVegetable ExecutionerArmored Chess Piece
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack SparrowWill TurnerElizabeth SwannJoshamee GibbsTia DalmaJames NorringtonMartyCottonBootstrap Bill TurnerPintelRagettiAngelicaBlackbeardPrison DogMaccusDavy JonesHelmsmanPhilip SwiftSyrenaCaptain SalazarGhost LesaroShansaHenry TurnerCarina SmythThe RedheadMurtoggMullroyTreasure ChestStray CatTinyPirate With PigsGhost SharkGhost SeagullAuctioneer
Aladdin: AladdinJasmineThe SultanPrince AchmedGazeemRazoulRajahIagoAbuGenieJafarMagic CarpetPink FlamingoBeggar JafarGolden Scarab BeetleMagic LampSnake CharmerGolden Camel
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyLock, Shock, and BarrelOogie BoogieEaster BunnySanta ClausBehemothWolfmanCorpse FamilyMummy BoyMayor of Halloween TownDr. FinkelsteinJewelZero
Mulan: MulanYao, Ling, and Chien PoFa LiFa ZhouHayabusaKhanCri-KeeLittle BrotherMushuShan YuCaptain Li ShangThe Emperor of ChinaThe MatchmakerGeneral LiGrandmother FaFirst Ancestor FaChi-FuGreat Stone Dragon
Moana: MoanaSinaFrigatebirdChief TuiGramma TalaPuaFrigatebirdKakamora ChiefMauiHeiHeiGhost MataiEelTamatoaFrog MonsterSloth MonsterEight Eyed BatChicken FeedMaui's HookThe Ocean
Beauty and the Beast: BelleMauriceChip PottsMrs. PottsGastonLeFouFrouFrouChapeauPlumetteBeastCogsworthLumiereThe Enchantress
Lilo & Stitch: Lilo PelekaiNani PelekaiDavid KawenaMrs. HasagawaMertle EdmondsStitch
DuckTales: Scrooge McDuckDonald Duck (Classic)Huey, Dewey, and LouieWebbigail VanderquackMrs. BeakleyBeagle Boys (Big Time, Burger, and Bouncer)GyroDarkwing DuckFalcon GravesPixiu Chinese DragonPeghook's GhostLaunchpad McQuackHack and Slash SmashnikovGizmoduckShadow MagicaMa BeagleFlintheart GlomgoldPharaoh Toth-RaHeadless Man-Horse

Toy Story: WoodyJessieBuzz LightyearHammEmperor ZurgRexSlinky DogMrs. NesbitBo PeepWheezyBabyheadBullseyeLennyThe ProspectorMint in the Box ProspectorTrixieBig BabyGreen Army MenBabyfaceJaney DollStretchBookwormRocky GibraltarMr. PricklepantsChucklesButtercup

Inside Out: JoySadnessAngerDisgustFearBing BongFrank and DaveForgettersJanglesRainbow Unicorn
Finding Dory: DoryDebGurglePearlSheldonTadGillBloatSquirtNemoMarlinJacquesBubblesDestinyBaileyGeraldFlukeRudderHankCrushMr. RayBeckyAnglerFishOtterCharlieJennyPhilip Sherman
Monsters, Inc.: BooNeedlemanWaxfordC.D.A. AgentMike WazowskiCelia MaeFlintMr. WaternooseJames P. SullivanRandall BoggsRozPhlegmCharlieSimulation KidGarbage CubeHarleySpike
The Incredibles: Bob ParrHelen ParrDashVioletJack-JackLucius BestSyndromeEdna ModeRick DickerGilbert HuphKari McKeenBomb VoyageRusty McAllisterThe UnderminerOmnidroid

Disney Parks
The Haunted Mansion: Professor Phineas PlumpMaidGargoyleCaretaker and DogButlerSally SlaterHeadless KnightExecutionerSpiderMadame LeotaRavenConstance the BrideThe OratorThe Cat LadyThe MedusaThe MuseArmorDoom Buggy

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Disney Emoji Blitz (mission tags) • Event listItem collections listAs Told by Emoji
Disney feature films
Mickey Mouse & Friends: MickeyMinnieDonald DuckDaisyPlutoGoofySteamboat Willie MickeyRetro MinnieOswald the Lucky RabbitHoliday Mickey8-Bit MickeyHoliday MinnieHoliday PlutoRose Gold MinnieRainbow MickeyVampire MickeyWitch MinnieMermaid MinnieDeep Sea MickeyCrab DonaldFairy MinnieSeashell DaisyPirate Peg-Leg PeteBirthday Baby PlutoPeppermint MinnieGardener MickeyFlower MinnieWatermelon MinnieIce Cream MickeySoft Serve DonaldSea Creature GoofyPumpkin MickeyGingerbread MickeyChristmas Clarabelle CowGarnet MinnieRainy Day Donald

The Lion King: SimbaTimonPumbaaRafikiScarSpirit MufasaNalaShenziBaby SimbaZazuAdult Simba
The Little Mermaid: ArielFlounderSebastianUrsulaKing TritonPrince EricWedding ArielVanessaFlotsam
Bambi: BambiThumperPretty FlowerApril Shower BambiFloral Ms. Bunny
The Aristocats: Marie
Hundred Acre Wood: Winnie the PoohTiggerPigletEeyoreRabbitHoney Bee PoohFlower PigletBunny TiggerBaby Chick Eeyore
Pinocchio: Jiminy CricketPinocchioBlue FairyFigaro
Dumbo: DumboTimothy Mouse
Peter Pan: Tinker BellPeter PanCaptain HookWendyNanaSmeeJohn DarlingSlightlyHoliday Tinker Bell
Aladdin: The GenieAladdinJasmineJafarAbuRajahIagoMagic CarpetDisguised JasmineSnake JafarVacation GeniePrince Ali
Alice in Wonderland: AliceWhite RabbitCheshire CatMad HatterCaterpillarThe Queen of HeartsDoorknobKing of HeartsLittle OystersHouse AliceRose
Cinderella: CinderellaFairy GodmotherGusPrince CharmingJaqLuciferAnastasiaDrizellaLady TremaineWedding Cinderella
Frozen: ElsaAnnaOlafSvenKristoffMarshmallowGrand PabbieThe Fire SpiritElsa the Snow QueenQueen Anna
Lilo & Stitch: StitchLiloJumbaScrumpAngel
Zootopia: Judy HoppsNick WildeClawhauserFinnickFlash
Beauty and the Beast: BelleThe BeastLumiereCogsworthMrs. PottsChip PottsGastonEnchantressWinter BelleFancy BeastBookworm Belle
Moana: MoanaMauiPuaHei HeiGramma TalaTamatoaBaby MoanaTe FitiKakamora Chief
Mulan: MulanMushuCri-KeePingShan YuLi ShangThe Emperor
Tangled: RapunzelPascalFlynn RiderMaximusTiara RapunzelMother GothelWedding MaximusBaby Rapunzel
Sleeping Beauty: AuroraPrince PhillipMaleficentFloraFaunaMerryweatherWinter Aurora
The Jungle Book: BalooKaaKing LouieMowgliShere Khan
Fantasia: Sorcerer's Apprentice MickeyYen Sid
One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De VilPerditaPatchWinter Cruella
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyZeroOogie BoogieSanta JackDr. FinkelsteinThe MayorChristmas Sally
Pocahontas: PocahontasFlitMeekoPercyGrandmother WillowGovernor Ratcliffe
Big Hero 6: Hiro HamadaBaymax
Wreck-It Ralph: VanellopeRalphYesssFix-It Felix Jr.CalhounKing CandyPixel Ralph
The Princess and the Frog: TianaLouisRayDr. FacilierAlmost There TianaPrince Naveen
Lady and the Tramp: LadyTramp
Hercules: HerculesMegPegasusHadesPhilZeusBaby Pegasus
The Emperor's New Groove: KuzcoKronkPachaYzmaYzma Kitty
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow WhiteDopeyMagic MirrorThe Evil QueenGrumpyThe PrinceSleepyDocWinter Snow White
The Rescuers: BernardBiancaMadame Medusa
Robin Hood: Robin HoodMaid MarianLady KluckLittle JohnSir HissPrince John
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Mr. Toad
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: EsmeraldaQuasimodoHugo
The Sword in the Stone: ArthurArchimedesMerlinMadam MimSugar BowlYoung Mim
Mickey's Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit MickeyGhost of Jacob MarleyEbenezer Scrooge McDuckTiny Tim
A Goofy Movie: MaxVacation GoofyPowerline
Raya and the Last Dragon: RayaSisuTuk TukNamaari
The Three Caballeros: JoséPanchitoCaballero Donald
Encanto: MirabelAntonio

Disney animated shows
DuckTales: Scrooge McDuckLaunchpad McQuackWebby VanderquackGizmoduckMagica De Spell

Darkwing Duck: Darkwing Duck
Rescue Rangers: ChipDaleGadgetMonterey JackDevil DaleAngel Chip
Gargoyles: GoliathBronxDemona
The Proud Family: Penny ProudSuga Mama

Monsters, Inc.: MikeSulleyRandallCeliaRozBoo

Toy Story: WoodyBuzz LightyearAlienJessieBullseyeBo PeepForkyRexDuke CaboomHammMrs. NesbitZurgLotso
Finding Nemo/Finding Dory: NemoDoryHankCrushBruceBaby DoryDestinyBaileyPearl
Cars: Lightning McQueenCruz RamirezJackson StormMater
Inside Out: JoySadnessAngerDisgustFearBing BongRainbow Unicorn
Coco: Miguel RiveraHéctorDanteImeldaPepitaAlebrije DanteErnestoMama Coco
Ratatouille: Remy
The Incredibles: Mr. IncredibleElastigirlJack-JackVioletDashFrozoneEdna ModeSyndrome
A Bug's Life: FlikPrincess AttaHeimlich
Brave: MeridaYoung Merida
Up: DugRusselCarlKevinAlphaHeadphones Dug
Onward: IanBarleyThe Manticore
Soul: Joe22
Luca: LucaAlberto
Turning Red: Meilin LeeRed Panda Mei

Disney video games
Kingdom Hearts: SoraAquaCaptain GoofyRoyal Magician Donald
Disney live-action films
Pirates of the Caribbean: Captain Jack SparrowBarbossaDavy JonesElizabeth SwannPrison DogTia Dalma

Descendants: Mal
Hocus Pocus: Winifred SandersonMary SandersonSarah SandersonBinxBilly Butcherson
Mary Poppins: Mary PoppinsBert
Enchanted: GiselleWedding Giselle
Jungle Cruise: FrankLily Houghton

Disney Parks
The Haunted Mansion: Hatbox GhostMadame LeotaThe BrideHitchhicker Ghost Phineas

Matterhorn Bobsleds: Abominable Snowman
Journey Into Imagination: Figment

The Muppets
The Muppets: Kermit the FrogFozzie BearSwedish ChefMiss PiggyGonzoBob Cratchit KermitMiss Piggy Emily Cratchit
Star Wars: ReyFinnBB-8Kylo RenLuke SkywalkerPrincess LeiaDarth VaderThe MandalorianThe ChildChewbaccaHondoStormtrooperHan SoloR2-D2Cara DuneMoff GideonDeath TrooperPoe DameronC-3POBoba FettJabba the HuttAnakin SkywalkerQueen AmidalaDarth MaulFennec ShandAhsoka TanoJedi AnakinGeneral Grievous
20th Century Studios
Ron's Gone Wrong: BarneyRon

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Disney feature films
A Goofy Movie: Powerline

Aladdin: AladdinGenieJafarJasmineRajah
Alice in Wonderland: Alice Mad HatterQueen of HeartsCheshire Cat
Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Kida NedakhVincenzo SantoriniHelga Sinclair
Beauty and the Beast: GastonBeastBelle
Big Hero 6: Hiro HamadaBaymaxHoney LemonWasabiGo Go TomagoFred
Bolt: Bolt
Cinderella: Fairy Godmother
Frozen: ElsaOlafKristoffSvenAnna
Hercules: HadesHerculesMegaraZeusPhiloctetes
Lilo & Stitch: StitchPleakleyJumbaAngelLilo Pelekai
Mickey Mouse & Friends: Mickey MouseGoofyDonald DuckMinnie MousePlutoPete
Moana: MoanaMaui
Mulan: Fa MulanLi ShangShan YuMushu
Peter Pan: Peter PanCaptain Hook
Pocahontas: Pocahontas
Raya and the Last Dragon: RayaSisuNamaari
Robin Hood: Robin HoodSheriff of Nottingham
Sleeping Beauty: Maleficent
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Evil QueenSnow White
Tangled: RapunzelFlynn RiderMaximus
The Black Cauldron: The Horned King
The Emperor's New Groove: YzmaKronkKuzcoPacha
The Great Mouse Detective: Basil of Baker Street
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda
The Jungle Book: King LouieBalooBagheeraKaa
The Lion King: ScarRafikiTimonPumbaaSimbaNala
The Little Mermaid: ArielUrsulaKing Triton
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack SkellingtonSallyOogie BoogieLock, Shock, and Barrel
The Princess and the Frog: Dr. Facilier
The Sword in the Stone: MerlinMadam Mim
Treasure Planet: Captain AmeliaJim HawkinsJohn Silver
Wreck-It Ralph: Wreck-It RalphVanellope von SchweetzFix-It Felix Jr.Sergeant CalhounShank
Winnie the Pooh: Winnie the PoohTiggerEeyore
Zootopia: Judy HoppsNick WildeYax FinnickChief BogoClawhauserKoslovMr. Big

Disney animated shows
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Chip and DaleGadget HackwrenchZipper

Darkwing Duck: Darkwing DuckMegavoltQuackerjack
DuckTales: Scrooge McDuckHuey, Dewey, and LouieFenton CrackshellMagica De Spell
Gargoyles: GoliathDemona
Kim Possible: Kim PossibleDr. DrakkenShegoRon StoppableRufus

A Bug's Life: FlikHopper

Brave: Merida
Coco: Miguel Rivera
Finding Nemo: GeraldMarlinNemoHankDory
Inside Out: AngerJoySadnessDisgustFear
Monsters, Inc.: James P. SullivanBooMike WazowskiRandall Boggs
Onward: Ian LightfootCorey the ManticoreBarley Lightfoot
Ratatouille: Alfredo LinguiniRemyColette Tatou
The Incredibles: Mr. IncredibleElastigirlDash ParrViolet ParrJack-Jack ParrFrozoneSyndromeThe UnderminerVoyd
Toy Story: WoodyBuzz LightyearJessieRexEmperor ZurgBo PeepBilly, Goat, and GruffDuke CaboomDucky and BunnySlinky DogHamm
Up: Carl FredricksenDugRussellKevin

Disney live-action films
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack SparrowHector BarbossaTia DalmaDavy Jones

The Rocketeer: Cliff Secord
Tron: Kevin FlynnQuorraTron
Hocus Pocus: Winifred SandersonSarah SandersonMary SandersonThackery BinxBilly Butcherson

The Muppets
AnimalMiss PiggyGonzoDr. Bunsen HoneydewBeakerKermit the FrogThe Swedish ChefFozzie Bear

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Disney Dreamlight Valley logo.png
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Beauty and the Beast: BeastBelle

Cinderella: Cinderella
DuckTales: Scrooge McDuck
Frozen: AnnaElsaKristoffOlaf
Lilo & Stitch: Stitch
Moana: Moana
Monsters, Inc.: James P. Sullivan
Ratatouille: Remy
The Sword in the Stone: Merlin
The Lion King: SimbaNalaScarTimonPumbaa
The Little Mermaid: ArielPrince EricUrsula
Toy Story: WoodyBuzz LightyearJessie
Wreck-It Ralph: Wreck-It RalphVanellope von Schweetz