Jim Bob is the secondary antagonist of The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue.

Role in the film

Jim Bob is Mack McCro's assistant, who owns a van that goes to Tartarus Laboratories. When the lab animals are eventually shipped by Mack, he asks Jim Bob if he could bum a lift. He complies, but not before giving Mack the promised money which was part of the deal. During the drive, Murgatroid's glass tank shatters after the truck goes over a few bumps in the road. Disturbed about having his cage rattled, he slithers over to Jim Bob and crawls up his leg, then his chest, and pops out from under his shirt, scaring him. He then stops the truck, gets out, and flails about wildly while complaining that he can't stand snakes on him before he and Mack are arrested by the police.


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