Joey is a character in Ernest Scared Stupid.

Role in the film

Joey is a 4th grade student of Briarville's middle school with a fear of worms Elizabeth and Kenny Binder whose father is the town's sheriff. After Mike and Matt Murdock destroy Kenny's cardboard haunted house, he relocates with Ernest, Elizabeth and Kenny underneath the tree where Trantor is dormant near Old Lady Hackmore's mansion. Joey hears someone climbing up the tree house. Joey slowly walks over to the edge of the tree house and slowly looks over when a hand reaches up and grabs Joeys ankle he screams for help and wiggles his foot. Ernest and the rest help Joey and finding out it was Old Lady Hackmore. Old Lady Hackmore warns Ernest about the trees past. Trantor later roams free in Briarville two hundred years after Phineas Worrell put a curse on him. At that moment, Joey is going home from the tree house after it rains and Joey and slips into the hole full of muddy water and worms floating on top of the water. The water is up to Joeys ankles. Joey crawls halfway up the slope but it's too slippery to climb all the way out. While trying to climb out he slips back down against the mud and worms, Joeys reaches his hand up to pull himself out but his hand lands on a worm nest and worms crawl over his hand he screams and he lifts his hand and he slips back down and scream Kenny, Elizabeth and Ernest. Trantor grabs Joeys hand and turns him into a wooden doll. He returns as a human after Ernest defeats Trantor.  

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