Johnny's Angel is the deuteragonist from Disney's 1948 short The Legend of Johnny Appleseed, segment of the 1948 film Melody Time.


Johnny's Angel is just like any other guardian angel: he's wise, protective, and kind.


Melody Time

Johnny's Angel is described as John Chapman's guardian angel. He tells Johnny Appleseed to go out west just like the other pioneers, but he declines telling him angel that he is poor. However, he tells him that he has "faith, courage, and a level head". Johnny then explains to him that all he knows about is apple trees, in which his angel tells him about the apples done by early pioneers to make special foods made of apples. After explaining to Johnny about the apples, his angel tells him to pack up and grow apples in the west to grow apples in which he explains to him that he does not have the required equipment used to make apples. The angel then packs his stuff for Johnny to head out west to grow apple trees on the great unknown to grow a big orchard of apple trees.

During the end of the segment, Johnny's angel suddenly arrives as he tells the angel version of himself to come with him. After the angel of Johnny himself says that he can't go with him because he wants to grow more apple trees across the frontier, his angel explains to him that he needs him as he goes along with the angel because his time has come.


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