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Johnny and the Sprites is an American children's musical television series aired on Playhouse Disney.

The show broadcasted on October 9, 2005 with five 5-minute episodes, which continually play on the Disney Channel's programming. However, due to extremely positive audience reaction, the show was renewed for thirteen half-hour shows for 2007.

As of March 23, 2012, Johnny and the Sprites aired reruns on Disney Junior as SOAPnet's replacement.

The show had one album of songs released.

The show is notable for featuring as guests a number of actors/actresses who once performed alongside show star John Tartaglia in the Tony Award-winning play Avenue Q, as well as songs/music written and composed by popular Broadway songwriters and composers, such as Stephen Schwartz. As a friend, Tartaglia shared the idea for the program with Schwartz prior to its creation.[1]


The show follows main character Johnny (a songwriter), as he moves into a house given to him by his great-uncle. There, he discovers little magical creatures simply known as "sprites", who introduce him to their fantasy world. In return, Johnny shows the sprites what it's like to be human, often teaching them (and the viewer) an important life lesson.


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  • Lily and Root do not appear in the Shorts; only Ginger and Basil appear.


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