Joyce Summit[1] is a character and antagonist from the show Fillmore!. She is an X Middle School student.



Due to her pushiness, Joyce seems to be the type who never lets up that easily if and when there's something she eagerly wants to pursue. She just keeps pressing on , is determined to do what she set out to do, and stubbornly won't give up until she's satisfied with her desire being met. When she's up for a challenge, she demands it.

Physical Appearance

Joyce is a pre-teen caucasian girl, with reddish-orange hair in pigtails in green hair bands and has green eyes. She wears a mostly yellow t-shirt, with orange collar and short sleeves, green jeans and black shoes.

Role in the series

In "Of Slain Kings on Checkered Fields", she meets Fillmore and Ingrid when they're walking through the school's hallway thrice. Each time she confronts him, knowing of his reigning championship in the previous sloppy Joe-eating contests he entered and persistently (and eagerly) wanting to challenge him to another. But Fillmore couldn't be bothered with that at those moments, as he and Ingrid were in the middle of a case. However, near the end of the episode, he and Joyce have their sloppy Joe-eating contest held in the cafeteria. Too stuffed to eat another of the sandwiches, she falls back, lying on the floor, moaning "So...many...sloppy...Jooooooooooooes". She, too, is defeated and Fillmore remains the victor.


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