Joyce Williams Elementary School is Lewis' school in Meet the Robinsons. Its name comes from William Joyce, the author of the book on which the film is based. In the movie, the science fair takes place in the school's gym; while Micheal Yagoobian's transformation to Bowler Hat Guy began at its baseball pitch.


The school allows the children of Sixth Street Orphanage to attend it, so they can keep up on their education and meet other kids outside the orphanage until they get adopted and their new family moves them into a different school: that is close to their new home.

In the Meet the Robinsons: Video Game, when Wilbur Robinson went back in time to find the "Bowler Hat Guy"; he accidentally made Stanley and Lizzy crash into each other and a rivalry between them began. Which altered the future. When Wilbur learned how the alternated future was "made" and that he was the one who knocked the two into each other, he went to the school to undo his mistake.

Role in the film

Interested upon going to the school's science fair, Lewis plans on bringing his Memory Scanner much to Mildred's worry about his important plan about interviews. In the school, Mr. Willerstein and Lucille Krunklehorn patrol the science fair judge upon the science projects to know which one is acceptable or unacceptable for qualification. Lewis suddenly arrives where Wilbur warns him that the reason why the place is not secure is because of the Bowler Hat Guy preparing to ruin Lewis' future. Lewis shows his project towards everyone (due to Mr. Willerstein telling him that the invention should not be harmful), but the project was not successful due to Bowler Hat Guy's devious plan causing havoc across the school. Lewis feels upset about his failure and leaves in frustration much to Wilbur's worry.

With Lewis' future saved, Lewis visits Goob who tells him to keep an eye on the ball during a game of baseball. Lewis returns to the science fair and asks Mr. Willerstein to give him one more chance to which he agrees to. Lewis then presents the Memory Scanner in front of everyone once again, impressing Lucille, the coach, Mr. Willerstein, and the students, making Lewis' invention a success. Later, a reporter arrives towards Lewis telling him that with his successful invention, he has a bright future in him.


  • In the school's baseball field, posters of The Jungle Book and Toy Story can be seen in the background. The Toy Story poster is a nod to Disney's acquisition of Pixar in 2006, one year before Meet the Robinsons was released.

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