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The Judge is a character from Disney's The Ugly Dachshund.

Role in the film

The Judge is first seen judging Great Danes with their owners including Mark Garrison and his dog, Brutus as they walk them. When he notices Brutus acting weird (in other words, like a Dachshund when he sees a lady with a Dachsie since he is a Great Dane that was raised and grew up with the Garrisons' family of Dachshunds, thus, thinking he's one of them.) as the crowd laughs, he asks them to stop. Then, he asks Mark if his dog is sick or tired but Mark simply simply states he's just suffering "stage fright".

All seems not to be going well until a lady with her female Harlequin Great Dane shows up, thus, prompting Brutus to stand up and act like a real Great Dane. When the Judge notices Brutus acting normally, he suspects him to be a "different dog" and asks Mark how he managed "switching dogs" to avoid having him thrown out but Mark says he didn't. When he says he's having a hard time believing it's the same dog, Mark states he can't believe it himself.

Later, the Judge asks Mark, another man, and their dogs only to walk them again. Mark's friend, Dr. Pruitt manages to hide the lady's Dachshund when she stands next to him so as to remove the old "Dachsie influence" off of Brutus, thus, allowing him to perform perfectly well without any trouble or embarrassment. Then, the Judge says it's enough. Finally, he awards the first place blue ribbon to Mark; stating to him that he "sure had me fooled the first time around", congratulates him, and compliments his dog.

The Judge is last seen judging the best of breed winners with Dr. Pruitt taking over for Mark with Brutus; having been awarded best of breed himself in the end.


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