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Physical appearance

Walrus Judge

The Walrus Judge the leader of the trio is a Walrus with two fort teeth and a white beard with a black nose black eyes and purple skin. He wears a magicians hat with a suit with a red bow tied and strike shirt and pants that are similar to Prince Eric's, with his shoes, white gloves and judge badge.

Cow Judge

The Cow Judge is a Cow similar to Clarabelle Cow with glasses. He wears a suit with a black tie, white cloves and judge badge.

Beaver Judge

The Beaver Judge is a Beaver with white and black skin, two fort tweet and brown tail. He wears a suit with a red bow tied, white gloves and judge badge.


Mickey Mouse (TV Series)

The Judges are people who judge events in the Mickey Mouse (TV series). They first appeared in The Dog Show judging the show that Mickey and Goofy are in. After the Dog Show they made 2 more appearances in the series. In the Three-Legged Race only one of the judges appeared the Walrus the leader of the three appears judging the race looking if some one wins the race fear and square. Their Last appearance was in the episode Our Homespun Melody as the judges in Mickey and Piggy's Music Career.



The Walrus Judge Resembles The Walrus from Alice in Wonderland.

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