Julia Carey is the beautiful cousin of Nancy in Summer Magic.


Julia is a younger teen who comes to stay with the Careys because her guardians is in a bad way financially. She first appears to be a snobby and stuck-up girl who always brags about her nice and high class life living with the Fergusons (her guardians). But later in the film she becomes Nancy's best friend and is close to her like a sister. She loses her stuck-up ways and helps out around the house more.

Julia is definitely a girly-girl, who loves pretty and frilly things, and she thinks she's the "Pink of Perfection".

Role in the film

As Julia arrives in Beulah, Maine, she is as much of a pill as the children could have imagined. Julia herself feels personally attacked when jumped on by Peter's large dog, Sam, in the middle of the night, and she struggles to adapt to the primitive ways of Beulah, even making Osh's daughter, Lally Joy, help her bathe in the kitchen, not wanting to lug the kettles of hot water up the stairs.

After church on Sunday, Nancy and Julia spot a handsome man, Charles Bryant, who has moved to Beulah to be the new school teacher. They invite him to a lawn party at the yellow house and both girls try to win his affections, Nancy trying to win him with her smarts and Julia with her looks. Julia wins and Nancy is completely jealous of Julia after the party ("On the Front Porch"). Later in their bedroom Nancy, in a fit of anger, reveals to Julia that her adoptive parents "dumped" Julia with the Careys because they'd gambled away their money. Julia, completely upset runs to Margret for assurance that her parents truly loved her. Margret reveals that Julia's parents are ready to take her back as their affairs are looking brighter. Nancy, who has grown to love Julia, despite her many flaws, begs her to stay, and Julia accepts, moving in permanently with the Careys.

As Halloween approaches, everyone gets ready for the big party. Lally Joy, who harbors a big crush on Gilly, displays her ugly dress to Nancy and Julia, fretting embarrassment at the party. Nancy and Julia promise to redesign the dress as they give her pointers on how to act around boys ("Femininity").


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