Julianne Buescher is an American actress, voice actress, writer, singer, and puppeteer who performs in film, television, radio, on stage and records, As a voice artist, she is known for many roles including Anko Mitarashi on Naruto, But Occasionally Buescher also provided additional voices, such as Baby Noises, Pigeon Noises, Dove Noises And Crowd noises. She also provided the chirping, Squawking And clucking sound effects of the birds, chickens, hens, Penguins, parrots and roosters by The Sonovox in a number of The short Films Along With Alan Tudyk And Traci Paige Johnson, an actress best known as ‘The Bird And the Hen Voice of the Movies And Records’ And 'The Queen of the Hollywood Extras', Buescher singing in chook language with Flute player Emmanuel Pahud In The Talent Show 2013, She's a new Voiced Of Betty Boop And Olive Oyl And Re-Dubbed Anastasia Tremaine In Disney's Cinderella (1950 film) Along With Spencer Kayden As Drizella Tremaine (Re-Dubbed), She Also Provided Sound Effects With a Sonovox, Instruments, And All Kinds Of Foley Weapon Along With Tony Anselmo And Gerri Lawlor In a Foley Session

Disney Filmography




Video games


  • Disneyland .... Mandy Monorail
  • The Country Bears Live Live Stage Show at El Capitan in Hollywood
  • Pirates of the Caribbean .... Calypso
  • Donald Duck in Backyard Limic (2001) ... Birds (voice)
  • Chicken Little (2008) .... Birds/Hens/Cocky Locky (Crowing Only, Voice)
  • The Wise Little Hen's Return (2006) ... The Wise Little Hen (character)
  • Birds Of The Fur (1994) ... Mother Hen (voice)


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