Julianne Buescher is an American actress, voice actress, writer, singer, and puppeteer who performs in film, television, radio, on stage and records She also provided the chirping, Squawking And clucking sound effects of the birds, chickens, hens, insects, parakeets, parrots and roosters by The Sonovox in a number of The short Films Along With Alan Tudyk And Traci Paige Johnson, She's a new Voiced Of Betty Boop And Olive Oyl, She Also Provided Ducks Sound Effects With a Sonovox Along With Tony Anselmo,

Disney Filmography


  • The Wild (2006) .... Dung Beetle #2
  • Chicken Little (2005) .... Additional Voices
  • Howl's Moving Castle (2005) .... Additional Voices
  • The Muppets' Wizard of Oz (2005) (as Julianne Buscher) .... Muppet Performer
  • Mulan (1998) .... Young Bride (singing voice)
  • Muppet Classic Theater (1994, direct-to-video) .... Yolanda the Rat
  • George of the Jungle (1997) ... Mama Ape, various animals
  • The Country Bears (2002) ... Tennessee O'Neal (face/original track voice) (also cameo as waitress at Swarmin Hive)
  • On The Vacation (2007) ... Bass Miller Of The Millerlettes
  • Nice Henrietta (1993) ... Opera Singer
  • Every Night At Eleven (2015) ... Chicken Lady Singer


  • The Weekenders (2000) .... Frances/Bree
  • Donald Duck in Backyard Limic (2001) ... Birds (voice)
  • Henny Penny (2008) .... Birds/Hens/Rooster (voice)
  • The Wise Little Hen's Return (2006) ... The Wise Little Hen (character)
  • Birds Of The Fur (1994) ... Mother Hen (voice)


Video games



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