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Julianne Buescher is an American actress, voice-over artist, writer, singer, and Muppet Performer and is known for many roles, including Yolanda the Rat and Wanda (of "Wayne and Wanda" Muppet singing duo) and now the newest Muppet character Beverly Plume. Buescher is a Muppet Performer for Disney's The Muppets and The Jim Henson Company, appearing with CeeLo Green as "Piddles the Pug" at the 2011 Grammy Awards and as the same character among others in the improvisational adult puppet show Puppet Up!. Julianne performs Beverly Plume, Yolanda the Rat, Rosie, Margaret, Elena, Screaming Goat, Beak-R, and other Muppet characters in "Muppets Now", streaming on Disney+. Julianne also voices many characters in the Disney Parks, and voice-matches many Disney characters for Disney projects including Mary Poppins (both Julie Andrews and Emily Blunt), Rey (Star Wars...Daisy Ridley), and Tia Dalma (Naomie Harris).

Disney Filmography


Animated Series


  • Muppets Now (2020) ... Beverly Plume, Yolanda the Rat, Margaret, Brie, Rosie, Elena, Beak-R, Screaming Goat, Some Bunny
  • The Muppets (2015) ... Denise the Pig, Yolanda the Rat, Debbie, and other characters
  • Muppets Tonight (1996-1998) ... Additional voices
  • Dinosaurs (1991-1994) ... Dinosaurs: Robbie Sinclair (eyes), Roy Hess (arms), Baby Sinclair (arms- final season), Ansel (face), Aubrey Molehill (face), Crazy Lou (face), Elder No. 3 (face), Ethyl Phillips (occasional, face), Katie (face), Mindy (face/voice), Monica DeVertebrae (face), Shopper (puppet/voice), Sitcom Wife (puppet/voice), many other hand puppets and characters

Video games

Theme Parks/Live Shows

  • Muppets Take the 02 (London) (2018)
  • Muppets Take the Hollywood Bowl (2017)
  • The Electric Mayhem plays at Outside Lands (2016)
  • Disneyland ... BlackSpire Outpost voices ... Mom, Weru, Chuta, Koopla Nanuk
  • Disneyland .... Mandy Monorail
  • The Country Bears Live Live Stage Show at El Capitan in Hollywood
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