Julie is a minor character in Disney's Life Is Ruff. She is also captain of the cheer squad at Bedford High.

Role in the film

Julie is first seen being interviewed by fellow classmates, Calvin Wheeler and Raymond Figg for a date to the Spring dance during lunch break. Calvin seems impressed with her qualifications as "captain of the cheer squad, a great dancer, and looking spectacular in all Spring colors" but then asks her one question about Gotham Man's archenemy's name.

When Julie can't get his name right, Calvin and Figg move on to the next girl until they are approached by fellow classmate, Emily Watson passing out flyers about supporting the local animal shelter as it is in desperate need of renovations and volunteers. When Calvin tricks Emily into giving him one in order to write a list of comics for Figg to bring, Emily sarcastically thanks Calvin and provides him with the correct answer; thus, revealing the jig to Julie.

Later, at night, before the basketball game begins, Julie is watching in happiness and amazement as a stuck-up, rich student named Preston Price and his dog, Jacques perform a few tricks, which he thinks "will help inspire teams to become champions." After the show is over and the game is about to begin, Julie is shown to be bored, annoyed, and disgusted through Preston's naivety when he thinks that their team, the Wildcats' confidence has been boosted up thanks to his dog's performance while sheering for the team.

After the Wildcats win the game, Julie watches Preston make a fool of himself and thank everyone when he thinks the basketball team is dedicating their victory to him when in fact, they mean Calvin, whom they congratulate as do Julie and all the other classmates as well and who, without his help, never would've won the game in the end.


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