Julie Plummer is mother of the children and one of the characters of The Pacifier.

Role in the film

She is the recently widow of Professor Howard Plummer, who was working on a top secret government project called GHOST. Julie travels overseas with Captain Bill Fawcett to retrieve her husband's Safe Deposit Box while Shane Wolfe looks over the kids.

Unfortunately, Julie cannot retrieve the box unless she figures out the password her husband used and she and Fawcett end up staying longer than expected. After several weeks, Julie finally figured out the password (my angel), retrieved a key from a box, and is on her way home. Meanwhile, Shane calls Bill and says that he found the GHOST in a secret vault underneath the garage.

When Julie and Bill arrive home, Shane and Bill go to the garage, where Wolfe says he is rethinking his career. Two ninjas arrive armed and pulled off their masks, revealing themselves as the Plummers' North Korean neighbors, the Chuns. Bill suddenly knocks out Shane, revealing himself to be a double agent. Mr. Chun restrains and guard the children while Bill and Mrs. Chun take Julie down to the vault. They open the door but a dangerous security system prevents them from going further. Shane was awaken by the children who escaped and heads down to the vault.

Fawcett threatens to kill Julie if she doesn't tell him how to get past the traps. Shane interrupts saying that she doesn't know it. Fawcett then forces Shane to open the vault. After Shane subdues Fawcett, Mrs. Chun prepares to attack him from behind, but Julie knocks her out with one punch. Shane and Julie then discover a tiny chip--the GHOST project itself.

With the villains arrested Shane, Julie and the family watch Seth's performance of The Sound of Music as the film ends.

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