Juliet's Collections & Treasures
Juliet's Collections & Treasures was a shop in the Mediterranean Harbor. As Romeo and Juliet are forever linked in Shakespeare's tale of star-crossed lovers, so too were their namesake shops in DisneySea: Romeo's Watches & Jewelry and Juliet's Collections & Treasures. The shops were also linked in a literal sense by a doorway.

Juliet's Collections & Treasures sells items which are pretty much exclusively for the ladies. You'll find cosmetics, hair accessories, handbags, and other similar items at this upscale boutique.

The interior of this store is beautiful, with the pale pink walls. it's worth stopping in just to see the wall decorations. Don't miss looking up at the gorgeous ceiling painting (someone is looking down on you... .Wherefore art thou Romeo?).

This shop was permanently closed on November 18, 2012, replaced by Villa Donaldo Home Shop, which put a Duck spin on the Shakesperean themes and placed Daisy Duck in the role of "Daisyet" on the ceiling painting.


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