Juliet Butler is a character from the 2020 Disney film, Artemis Fowl. She is the American niece of Artemis Fowl's bodyguard Domovoi Butler.


Knowing that Artemis Fowl II would need additional help in his quest to rescue Artemis Fowl from Opal Koboi, her uncle Domovoi Butler called in her services. The two of them, wearing full-body costumes, engaged in a sparring session outside Fowl Manor. Like Artemis, she was 12-years-old, and Domovoi felt it would be good to have someone the same age who could relate to him. As he worked on trying to find the Aculos, she brought him a sandwich, telling him that he had worked for twelve hours straight and he needed to eat. He said it had to be in the house but he couldn't find it. She asked if he was giving up and he told her he wasn't, but that he knew the problem: he needed a fairy to find it.

Later, after Fowl kidnapped the LEPRecon officer Holly Short, Juliet appeared at her cage, offering her food. Holly asked where she was and she responded that she was impressed that she spoke English. She told her that she didn't know what fairies ate, but she thought maybe salad. "Yeah, whatever," Holly agreed and then spoke to her in a distorted voice, trying to use the mesmer on her. She said that she bet she had beautiful eyes and that she wished she could see him. Artemis, however, appeared, telling her that it wouldn't work because they had protection and Juliet left with the tray of food in tow.

Juliet was later present when a troll was unleashed upon Fowl Manor by Briar Cudgeon in an attempt to secure the Aculos. Artemis told her to look out and both he and Domovoi told her to run, saying that they had it. She swung a broom at the troll's face, telling him to "come and get some, you big meanie." She then fled as the troll charged after and later was shielded by Holly Short. She joined Domovoi in attempting to ram the troll with a fake bull's head. She later swung across a chandelier to escape. She fell and was left hanging from a railing and could do nothing but watch as Domovoi shoved Artemis out of the way to protect him from the falling troll and was crushed by the chandelier. Afterwards, Domovoi was healed by Holly Short's magic and Juliet was present when Short used the Aculos to rescue Artemis's father. She was last seen watching from the window of Fowl Manor when the two Artemises and Domovoi took off in a helicopter, setting off on a mission to take down Opal Koboi and her accomplices.

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