June Lucille Forer, better known as June Foray, was an American voice actress who had been providing voices for animated films and television programs for decades and is one of the industry's best-known icons.

Her first voice acting role was notably Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, in what would be his final short under Walter Lantz's The Egg Cracker Suite. However, some of her most famous voice roles were the titular character Rocky, Natasha Fatale, and Sherman in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, as well as Granny, Witch Hazel, and Miss Prissy in Looney Tunes, and related shows among others.

She had also done voice work on several Disney productions that are listed below.

Although she did extended work at Disney, she later stated one of her greatest regrets in life was never having met Walt Disney himself.

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  • She is often called the female Mel Blanc, although Warner Bros. animator and director Chuck Jones said that he considered Mel Blanc to be the male June Foray.
  • In Peter Pan she not only voiced one of the mermaids but also served as the model for the mermaid playing the conch shell.


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