The Jungle Navigation Company is a fictional company from the Jungle Cruise attractions at Disney theme parks worldwide.



The Jungle Navigation Company was founded on April 8, 1911 by Doctor Albert Falls, who after years of exploring the rivers of the world, had hoped to improve cargo shipping in remote areas for other explorers and adventurers. Albert Falls was succeeded as president of the company by his granddaughter, Alberta Falls, who had been living at the company headquarters for much of her childhood. However, the Great Depression had a significant impact on their shipping business.

In 1931, at the suggestion of the skippers that were essentially her second family, Alberta would start the first "Jungle Cruise" tours on October 1. This would become greatly successful for the struggling company, especially after the 1935 discovery of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye by Indiana Jones, when the Cruises would serve the tourists that came into the jungles seeking out the temple. Around 1938, Alberta would open the company headquarters/mess hall to guests as the Skipper Canteen.

Though the tourism business has been successful, the Skippers are a danger-prone lot, with many incidents from encounters with various jungle hazards being overheard in Jungle Radio transmissions and the transmissions of Albert Awol. Most Skippers face the dangers of the wilds with a sense of humor and self-preservation. However they always find a way to reach the most dangerous parts of their journeys: returning to civilization.

Development History

The Jungle Navigation Company was introduced as part of updates to the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom versions of the Jungle Cruise taking place throughout the 1990s, with one of the driving forces being the rerouting of the Disneyland river to accommodate Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

The Jungle Navigation Company storyline was altered and expanded in 2015 with the opening of the Skipper Canteen restaurant at the Magic Kingdom with the expansion of Albert Falls into a new character. Prior to this, Albert Falls had been a joke character made up by the Skippers when explaining Schweitzer Falls saying, "And here we have Schweitzer Falls named after, of-course the famous Dr. Albert Falls". The gag here being that the falls were named after one Dr. Albert Schweitzer, a real-life missionary who made travels to Africa.

Disney Parks

Adventure Trading Company

The Jungle Navigation Company was featured in certain missions pertaining to this attraction. In the Elephant Juju mission, skipper Skip Documentary lost a shipment of elephant jujus which players had to find and in the Piranhaha mission they had to get Skip his job back by telling jokes to his bosses.

The Jungle Cruise

Several allusions to the Jungle Navigation Company are present throughout the queue of the Jungle Cruise, typically in the form of promotional artwork. Additionally in the Magic Kingdom, broadcaster Albert Awol makes allusions to them.

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd., Skipper Canteen

As the name would imply, the JNC is involved in the Skipper Canteen's theming. Details throughout the restaurant can be found which elaborate on the history of the fictional company.

Magic of Disney Animation

A poster in the meet Minnie area had a poster for a film called, "The Jungle Cruise" starring Mickey and Minnie. The credits for this poster identify the Jungle Navigation Company as having assisted this film be shot.

Trader Sam's

Both Trader Sam bars were opened with the assistance of the Jungle Navigation Company under the management of Skip Documentary. Many references to the JNC exist in the bar such as cargo from them and letters delivered to Sam by the JNC from fictional characters such as Rick Blaine, Charlie Allnut, Samantha Sterling, and the crew of The Miss Tilly.

The Tropical Hideaway

The Tropical Hideaway is set along a Jungle Navigation Co. river-outpost with mail and packages delivered by the company being found as set-dressing. The character of Rosita mentions using the JNC for her travels and is waiting for her recently arranged transport.

Other Appearances


Skipper Survival Guide

The Skipper Survival Guide was a story guide for cast-members which elaborated on the backstory of the Jungle Cruise and Temple of the Forbidden Eye. It made frequent reference to the history of the JNC.

Tales from Adventureland

The Jungle Navigation Company has its own presence in this book series. Employees of the JNC appear throughout the book such as skipper Jack McGraw of The River Princess, or aviator Yaw Ripcord.


Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

This board-game revolves around you playing as a JNC skipper and making cargo deliveries for Alberta Falls before she goes on vacation. Along the way you pick up members of the four families which assisted in the founding of the JNC:  the DeNyle family, Lyons family, Temple family and Cruz family.


  • Union Jacks flown by the JNC's outposts indicate that it was likely British operated.

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