Justin Case is a 1988 television film by Blake Edwards. George Carlin stars as a private investigator named Justin Case. Justin is found dead in his office by Jennifer Spalding (Molly Hagan) who is an out of work dancer there for an interview for a secretary/receptionist position. Justin comes back as a ghost that only Jennifer can see, and convinces her to help unravel the mystery of his murder.

From an idea by Edwards' daughter, actress Jennifer Edwards, a pilot was made for a proposed TV series, however only the pilot was made and plans for a series were later abandoned. The tv movie was produced by the Blake Edwards Company in association with Walt Disney Television.


  • George Carlin ... Justin Case
  • Molly Hagan ... Jennifer Spalding
  • Timothy Stack ... Officer Swan
  • Kevin McClarnon ... Officer Rush
  • Douglas Sills ... David Porter
  • Gordon Jump ... Sheldon Wannamaker
  • Paul Sand ... Cab Driver
  • Valerie Wildman ... Woman in Black
  • Todd Susman ... Aaron Slinker
  • Rod McCary ... Simon Fresca
  • Philippe Denham ... Paul Arkin
  • Richard McGonagle ... Dr. Richard Wwintraub
  • Jay Thomas ... Delivery Man
  • Kenneth Tigar ... Motel Manager
  • Kay Perry ... Lucille Marposian
  • John Lavachielli ... Cop
  • Dotty Coloroso ... Leggy
  • Reed R. McCants ... Choreographer (as Reed McCants)
  • Joe Mays ... John Attaway
  • Lily Mariye ... Commentator
  • Andrew Nadell ... Newscaster
  • Nina Mann ... Mona Fresca
  • Jerry Martin ... Police Photographer
  • Geoff Stradling ... Pianist
  • Herb Tanney ... (as Stuart Tanney)
  • Sam Jones ... Sam the fx man (uncredited)


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