Kaia is an eco-activist and the leader of Terra.


Kaia is a survivor, and will do anything to protect those under her care. She has a terrible grudge against Kane and the people of Deluxe, and is willing to destroy all of Deluxe and Motorcity to bring down Kane. It is possible that the toxins Kane dumped into their village affected her psyche over time as well as her body.


With her mask on, Kaia is quite pretty. She has darkly tanned skin and long green hair that she ties into a braid. She has a third eye under her headband and her mouth and lips have been altered by Kane's toxic waste. She wears a very jungle-like ensemble, namely an open-backed shirt with fluffy leaf shoulder decorations and a leaf skirt. She appears to be at least ten years older than the Burners, though this could be a result of the toxins as well, as she looks much younger in the flashbacks. Alternatively, she probably has been living in this environment for a very long time.


Kaia is the leader of an eco-friendly resistance group called the "Terra", who live in a village outside Detroit that was destroyed by KaneCo's waste dumping and fight using rapidly-growing mutant plants as their weapons to take revenge on Kane as well as the Deluxe population.

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